Friday, July 10, 2015

J. Alexander's Becoming Redlands Grill?!!?

Nooooooooo! I hate when people mess with a good thing, especially one of my favoriteeee things!!!!! The restaurant chain J. Alexander's and I have a long history... I have celebrated many, many a birthday or special occasion there.

I even worked there for a year right after I graduated college! But now.. J. Alexander's is making some changes. J. Alexander's has been cooking up a new restaurant brand, known as Redlands Grill, as the company plans to return the the New York Stock exchange

The chain plans to convert around half of its restaurants into the new spin-off brand. Plans call for Redlands Grill to be similar to the original J. Alexander's brand in several ways- including its temporary American menu and price

They plan for Redlands Grill to be more feature-driven, to get away from the predictable menu that J. Alexander's is known for. Some usual dishes will remain, but the new menu will emphasize "farm to table ingredients"- and the seasonal menu choices are likely to vary by region

Marketing has not been J. Alexander's priority- they have no online menu and are not as active on social media as other restaurant chains. However, I am wondering what brought on this change? Every time I go to any J. Alexander's location it is always packed! And there's almost always a wait to be seated during dinner or lunch times! 

Can I also mention how tired I am of the "farm to table" concept? I feel like every new restaurant in Nashville is "farm to table", and when I hear that phrase I picture small plates meant to share with the people at your table (no.... I like having one main meal for myself, if I want to share I will order an appetizer) or some ho-hum chicken or fish with veggies dish. 

Obviously I haven't tried the menu.... but Nashvillians: if you haven't noticed, the location on West End has already been changed to Redlands Grill:

As of now, the changes to Redlands Grill locations have been small, with minor changes to the menu and interior signage. Many people are probably confused that the outside signs haven't been changed- and the locations on their websites are currently listed as "J. Alexander's - Redlands Grill":

The great thing about J. Alexander's is that it may be a chain, but you can always count on the fabulous menu and service. Will people not want to go to Redlands Grill if it isn't titled as J. Alexander's anymore?

Sorry for the negative post, but keep in mind I haven't tried the new Redlands Grill menu! I'm just a little upset about the change (I hate when stuff I love changes), but I'm very happy that the original J. Alexander's on White Bridge Road is still remaining the same ol' J. Alexander's.. which is right down the street from me! 

UPDATE: Here is a card that the Redlands Grill on West End has been handing out to people who dine at their restaurant.. it may clear up a few questions you may have:

Have you been to the new restaurant yet? Let me know what you think of Redlands Grill! 

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