Friday, July 31, 2015


There's been some sad news this week!  We had a tragic loss in the blogger world (from the unexpected passing of Leslie Sisti) and a loss in the animal world from the passing of Cedric the Lion. 

I sat down with my kitty family Leo and Missy and told them how sorry I was about what happened to their cousin in the animal kingdom, Cedric the Lion. To cheer them (and myself) up, I decided to have a photo shoot of them last night. They put up with it- these rescue cats can always tell when I'm sad!

Furry animals can cheer almost anyone up, so I hope you enjoy the pics! Missy isn't as great at posing as Leo, but we won't tell her that! 

Well, I tried! They look a little annoyed, don't they? Why is it so hard to get animals to stay still for a photo?

Hope you all have a fun weekend,

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