Monday, July 13, 2015

Miscellaneous Monday!!

Good morning everyone! I am pretty worn out from the weekend. In case you are too, here's some fun links to get you through the day:

How to appear smarter in meetings (funny!);
Ways to stay healthy in the office;
The 40 best college bars in America (They skipped any Oxford bars so its not completely accurate;)
If you're crushing on someone better looking than you.. don't give up;
How to annoy your Facebook friends in 9 simple steps;
Fun engagement stories told by people in the fashion industry;
Tips on surviving your first year of marriage, and
The ultimate guide to tipping.

P.s.... did anyone catch the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills finale last night? This was a really fun season and I loved seeing Brendan and Morgan's engagement party! Her hair, makeup and dress were all perfect:

(image via Instagram)

Morgan would look good in anything, though. I wish I could trade bodies with her ;) It was also funny when Taylor's ex showed up to the party uninvited & it was pretty realistic how everyone reacted to it. Let me know what y'all thought of the season!

Happy Monday.. hopefully this week will fly by!

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