Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The. Best. Brush.

I have really long, thick hair that tangles super easily, so brushing my hair is never a fun task. The thought of ever brushing my hair when its wet or partially wet was a no-can-do because it would mean me breaking hair or ripping my hair out! 

That is why I am so happy I heard about The Wet Brush! It has specially designed IntelliFlex bristles that run through your hair without pulling or tugging. It makes brushing your hair painless and it massages your scalp!

I now use it when my hair is totally wet or partially wet and it makes my hair dry much faster. I also use it in the morning before using my regular brush- to untangle some more intense tangles beforehand. 

Trust me, this brush is awesome! You can order it here or on their website! They have other products on their website too like a Shine Brush, mini Wet Brushes, etc. 

Let me know what you think of The Wet Brush if you've tried it out! 

UPDATE: I just saw these brushes on sale at Target! You'll find them in the beauty section ;)

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