Thursday, July 16, 2015

The ESPY Awards!

Last night Adam and I watched the ESPYs! I ended up calling them the Sad-sies... because although they are all awards for sports, the whole awards ceremony had me tearing up many times! 

People had very sad, yet happy stories: a former basketball player turned war veteran who lost an arm in war, a NFL player whose 4-year-old daughter had cancer, a female college basketball player who died of cancer this year, and an award was presented in honor of a former NFL football player who was killed in war combat. I had a hard time keeping it together and not crying when watching the stories!

But the most emotional part of the ESPYs was the long awaited speech from Caitlyn Jenner! Caitlyn Jenner was presented the Arthur Ashe award for courage. Bruce Jenner was an inspirational speaker for many years- so I knew this was going to be a powerful speech! 

If you missed it, you can watch Caitlyn's speech here:

First of all, I loved her speech! It lasted over 10 minutes but it flew by because I was on my edge of my seat! The speech was funny, interesting, and encouraging. I loved how Caitlyn said since she is a former Olympian, she had met Arthur Ashe several times so she knew what an honor it was to receive the award. She said she is tough so she can take mean comments about being trans, but young people cannot, so society should be accepting of trans people. 

Also.. I loved how much Caitlyn talked about her mother! I thought it was also so great how happy and excited her mom was to be there! Soooo adorable! 

Also,  I loved her dress! It was perfect for the occasion and she really looked elegant. Caitlyn definitely had hard times holding back tears when she was talking about her family's acceptance of her transformation! I kept yelling at the tv, "Don't cry, Caitlyn!" It's so hard to watch her cry, haha!

The Kardashians also kept it classy (for once) by not trying to steal the spotlight during the awards.. they only took a seat in the theater right before her speech.

Did you guys see Caitlyn's speech last night? Let me know what you thought!  

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