Monday, July 20, 2015

You're So Nashville If...

This week the Nashville Scene came out with my favorite yearly issue of theirs.. "You're So Nashville If...". It is a contest for people to come up with their favorite "You're So Nashville If.." sayings. 

Last year I wrote my own list of You're So Nashville If sayings.. and you can read them here! I was too lazy this year to write my own list again, so I wanted to share my favorite winners from the contest! There's many more funny ones in there, so be sure to pick up the July 16-22 issue of Nashville Scene! (I also found them online here!)  Enjoy!!!

You're So Nashville If........

This is my favorite one (above). It won 2nd place. It is especially funny with the artwork! I really do feel like Nashville turns into one big bachelorette party on the weekends.. especially since it has become the #1 city for bachelorette parties in the USA! You can't go to a bar anymore without spotting at least one bachelorette party. 

So true (above).. I still haven't made it to a sounds game since oh....... 2008! Oops.

...sooo true (above). Just yesterday I was watching the Charles Bone commercial and saying out loud "GOODLETTSVILLE IS NOT CONNECTED TO BELLE MEADE!!!" ..hahaha!

These were all so funny! Which one is your favorite? 

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