Monday, August 31, 2015


Lena Dunham is about to use email newsletters in a whole new way! The actress, writer and creator of the HBO series, Girls, is partnering with Jenni Konner, (a television producer and screenwriter of Girls), to create a newsletter called Lenny, which they describe as contemporary feminism for the inbox.

They are creating this newsletter for people who want to talk about radical politics but also want to discuss shopping, fashion, celebrities, etc. They hope to create an expansive, all-inclusive discussion on feminism while providing young women with relatable stories on female relationships, gender identity and women in the workplace.

Lenny will be filled with writing from Dunham's large network of celebrity friends but will also showcase work from Lenny's own staff- writers and editors from Buzzfeed, Pitchfork, The Hairpin and Slate. It will also be featuring writing from readers who have diverse opinions and perspectives on the issues that make up the experience of living as a woman in today's world. 

Dunham and Konner will start off funding Lenny themselves before carefully selected advertisers and e-commerce partners join in. 

I signed up for the newsletter a while back and just got my first newsletter email from Lenny this morning! I am impressed - their first issue is a "summer fiction" issue. It features a short story written by Lena Dunham called "Six Sausages", which is about a 19-year-old girl who plans a weekend with her visiting not-quite boyfriend in New York City. The girl later questions whether the weekend went how she had planned and if the visit mattered to him at all. 

This newsletter also contained a short story called "Settling" by Jenny Zhang, which is about a 25-year-old girl who just got engaged and begins to reflect on her family history. Also included is an excerpt of a novel The Sunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein, a writer for the New York Times and the New Yorker.

I am very interested to see what Lenny has in store for us. One of the things I miss about being in school is getting to read fictional writings and short stories written by my peers. 

It is also very unique that everything will be in the form of a newsletter, instead of permanently up on a website or blog for readers to see. It will be thought-provoking to read all the essays, fiction and non-fiction that these women write on issues, especially since we as women we can relate to the topics discussed. 

The newsletter will start rolling into everyone's inboxes each week starting in September. It's not too late to sign up for the newsletter- sign up here!

What do you guys think of Lenny? Are you going to sign up? 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Graduate Hotel Oxford

Time to celebrate- it's almost college football season! A new line of hotels have started opening in college towns across the U.S. called Graduate Hotels. The hotel chain's strategy is to offer guests the opportunity to relive their college experience

Each hotel is unique to the city- with the University's school colors, mascots, handcrafted art and unique memorabilia that celebrates the school. Pretty genius idea because people like myself get SO nostalgic when they go back to visit their Alma mater! So far, hotels have started opening in Charlottesville, VA (UVA), Tempe, Arizona (Arizona State), Athens, Georgia (UGA) and Madison, Wisconsin (UW).

Graduate Hotel Oxford is just about to open on the square in Oxford, Mississippi, the town that houses the campus of Ole Miss. We were hoping to stay there for the first football game of the season next weekend. However, I just found out their construction is taking longer than planned, so we have booked a different hotel. When I spoke with an employee at Graduate Oxford yesterday she said they are hoping they will open later in September. So give them a call- you may be able to stay there for the Fresno State or Vanderbilt games!

First of all- this hotel is on the square so you can literally walk to everywhere- the bars, the University campus, restaurants... everywhere! So no cabs needed for you. It has a lounge bar in the hotel lobby, and a rooftop bar called The Coop which overlooks the square. For coffee addicts like myself there is also an in house coffee shop and southern cafe called Cabin 82. They have a 24-hour fitness center, are pet friendly, and have a complimentary shuttle service.

Here are some photos of Graduate Oxford (found via their website):

In case you were curious, here are some other photos I found of Graduate Hotels across the country:

Photos from Graduate Tempe 
with the Arizona State Sun Devils theme (via their website):

Photos from Graduate Athens 
with the Georgia Bulldogs theme (via their website):

These hotels really look like one of a kind! What do you guys think of the hotel chain? Where are you staying if you're visiting your college towns this fall? I'd love to hear!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Seersucker Sale

  1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6

Is anyone as upset about summer ending as I am? I am excited for football season but I will miss my afternoons by the pool! Since Labor Day is fast approaching, so many summer items are on sale! Seersucker and white pants and dresses are marked down everywhere! So if you want to stock up on the perfect seersucker items for next year on the cheap, now is the best time to do it! 

Above are my favorite seersucker items marked way down. Click on the links above to shop. I ordered the Urban Outfitters dress last week and I'll be wearing it before Labor Day!

Let me know what you think of them! You can also read this post on BlogHer here!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority Video Backlash

I saw something this week that bothered me- the Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority recruitment video. This video has been all over the news this week after an article was written calling the recruitment video "worse for women than Donald Trump".

First of all, it isn't fair to this sorority to be a target for this criticism because there are recruitment videos just like this at other colleges all over the country. These sorority recruitment videos on YouTube are actually music videos that seem to be a contest of who can have the fanciest videos with the prettiest girls. 

Thank god YouTube didn't exist when I went through rush- I would feel so awkward having to be a part of this stuff! I watched this recruitment video for a sorority in Miami yesterday that resembled a rave with a bunch of sorority girls in bikinis. Nationals should do something and ban these tacky superficial videos- but that's a topic for another day. 

Anyways, here is the Alpha Phi Sorority Recruitment video:

Honestly, after watching the video I was nauseous for awhile afterwards for many reasons. One reason was I feel this video was made in such poor taste due to the fault of the director. This clearly was not made for an audience of potential new sorority members (PNMs) - it seems to be targeting a male audience and YouTube creepers. 

The sorority probably paid this director a lot of money for a great rush video, and he/she produced the exact opposite. However, the sorority is responsible for the ladies' wardrobe choices (daisy dukes, crop tops and short shorts), singling out ladies with a specific look (size 0 or 2, bleach blonde), and instructing the girls on their actions (flirting and dancing around football players, blowing kisses in bikinis, etc). 

This video is sending the WRONG message not just to women going through rush at Alabama, but to the entire audience of YouTube. This video focuses only on the girls' bodies, glamour and beauty, not their brains or their hearts, and doesn't show anything about their philanthropy or hard work.

The video portrays the girls as Stepford wife objects and gives the wrong message about what goes on in a sorority. It shows the girls holding hands,  blowing kisses, giving piggy back rides, flirting, blowing bubbles and glitter, holding puppies and twirling in a field. 

And really, even the swimsuit scenes wouldn't bother me much if they showed just a few scenes of them in class, studying, working with their philanthropy or, since they all are in such great shape.... exercising?

I also think about the sorority's strategy of choosing WHO to be in the video. They seem to have very high standards for their members' looks.. according to the video. Yes there were brunettes in the video, but they probably only showed one for every 100 bleach blondes. The rush process is brutal enough, I'm sure it hurt a lot of feelings when girls were told who wouldn't be in the video (which many had to have been.. there's no way the entire sorority looks exactly the same)!

This video highlights what so many women are insecure about- looks, clothes, weight, attention from men, etc. It focuses on what so many women think is expected of them in society- and it makes me sick! I'm sure each of those girls have so much more to offer than looks alone!!!

If I had been going through rush and was shown this rush video I would have been like, wow. This sorority really expects a lot out of me. I don't want this! I mean.. pressure to succeed in the academics in school is enough! And who wants an army of 500 friends who all look exactly the same anyways? 

What are your thoughts on the video? Did this video bother you as much as me?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Advice for Sorority Rush: What You May Not Know

It's that time of year again! Last year I wrote a post about Ole Miss rush, and this year I am writing some words of advice for girls going through the rush process. These are based on my personal experiences and things I heard while going through the rush process many years ago.

 Me during rush week, 2005

1. Keep an open mind. Many sororities have very large pledge classes- mine had 93 girls! So there's no way that an entire sorority is all the same kind of girl. If you get cut from a sorority you wanted, or ended up with a sorority you didn't expect, give it a shot! Everything may have worked out that way for a reason, and at the very least you will meet girls from campus that you wouldn't have otherwise. Later in life people will find it interesting and unique that you were in a sorority. They won't be worrying about what sorority you were in. 

2. Your high school grades matter. You may think that your grades from high school only mattered to get into college, but you didn't leave that GPA behind when you left for school. Many sororities have a cutoff GPA for what girls they will accept into their sorority (due to sorority national requirements). Sororities have to report their average GPA to nationals, and if it gets too low, nationals could have their chapter removed from campus. Many will only accept a certain amount of girls with "grade risks" into each pledge class. The good news is if you have a high GPA you probably have an advantage over other girls!

3. Where you're from may matter. Some sororities will only accept a certain amount of girls from each city. Or a certain number of girls from out-of-state. If you are an out-of-state student you may have a disadvantage but do NOT get discouraged! You may end up in a sorority with many out-of-state girls who have a lot in common with you!

4. You will get to experience a rarely shown side of things and see happenings that you will never have a chance to see again. You will only be able to experience Greek Life like this in college so take it all in! Experiencing rush both when you are being rushed or rushing others is pretty amusing and very interesting. Afterwards you'll have a lot of stories to tell!

5. It isn't all parties- sorority is a major time commitment. You will have mandatory weekly meetings (that last 1-2 hours) and some sororities require study halls if you don't have a certain semester GPA. You will spend countless weekends and hours preparing for rush. When I was a sorority, setting up for rush all night until 5 am during the school week was no surprise! 

After rush you will have weekends devoted to sisterhood retreats, initiation, etc. It is a lot to take on on top of school work, but what you get out of it is worth it! 

6. Volunteerism. During rush, take the time to listen to each sorority talk about their philanthropy and what they do for their local charities! It can be really inspiring to see the difference that sororities make in their community. 

7. In your life after college, a sorority really stands out on a resume. When I am looking through a huge stack of resumes for jobs at our office, it always stands out to me if a girl was in a sorority. Even better if you held some kind of leadership position as a member. It shows that you know how to get along with others, take on roles and be part of a team. These are qualities that people want in coworkers in the workplace. 

In both interviews for careers I've had I was asked about my years in a sorority, and I ended up landing the job over others who interviewed. I really feel like it made me stand out over others who applied for my position.

8. After college, sorority alumni organizations can help you network and meet others!  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but life can get lonely after your undergrad years are over. You will be looking for any and every opportunity to meet people, and it helps so much to have your local sorority alumni organization! You will have events and volunteer opportunities that you wouldn't have otherwise. 

Do you guys have any advice for girls going through rush this year? Let me know your experiences in your sorority and how rush was. I'm all ears!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shop Save Support Card: Flash Sale!

As you know I am a member of the Junior League of Nashville.. every year we sell the Shop Save Support Card (Formerly known as the Club 22 Card) to raise money for the League!

During the two week shopping period (October 24 - November 8), the card gives you a 20% discount at all of the Nashville shops and restaurants participating! You can save some big money-- think of saving 20% off on furniture, jewelry and designer clothes! 

These also make great gifts- the cards come in a cute little booklet  that gives a bio on each vendor participating!

These cards are usually $40.00 but today is a flash deal-  you can get them for only $20.00 at the Style Blueprint website! Click here to order -the funds go directly to The Junior League-- you are supporting such a wonderful organization!

I just ordered mine and I am so excited to use it!!! The stores and restaurants participating so far are shown below and I have linked each of their websites- and we are adding more vendors each day so keep checking the card's website!


Pedal Chic Nashville

....the deal ends tonight so you better hurry! After that, the card will be on sale for $35.00 here until October! Thanks, everyone!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Stitch Fix Review (August 2015)

Even though I haven't written about Stitch Fix in a while I have still been using the personal styling service each month and I have gotten so much fab stuff! I have gotten several cute tops, pants and jewelry that I never would have picked out on my own- stuff that's perfect for family events, days at work, meetings and everything in between!

If you haven't read my reviews on Stitch Fix before (click to read my previous posts #1, #2, #3), Stitch Fix is an affordable online personal styling service. For a $20 styling fee you get 5 items of clothing or accessories shipped to your door. If you keep any of the items, the $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase. If you buy all 5 items you get 25% off your entire order!

Here is what I was sent this week- I loved my fix this time! This is the first time that I had a man styling me, so thank you, Tim!:

 Skies Are Blue Anya Split Neck Blouse ($48.00):

Review: I loved this top! Such pretty colors and it was so comfy.. I'm really loving sleeveless tops these days.

Verdict: Although it was a hard decision I sent it back. I decided the pattern was a little too bohemian for work. If it had been less expensive I would have kept it. Looking back I wish I didn't sent it back! I'm feeling guilty of non-buyer's remorse!

Collective Concepts Briella Dress ($68.00):

Review: I loved this dress- it was comfortable and fit perfect! 

Verdict: I thought the price was a little high since I'm not looking for more dresses at the moment. It was hard to send this dress back! 

Pixley Rolfe Geo Print Top ($54.00):

Review: Such  a cute top! It would look perfect under a sweater, blazer or just on its own! It also would go with many colors. 

Verdict: I just didn't love it enough, and I though the price was a little high. It was adorable, though.



Pixley Hillway Tank ($48.00):


Review:  I love the colors, this top is unique and I wouldn't have picked it out for myself in a store. It is just adorbs and could be worn for many seasons. I wish I had gotten a picture of the back as well because the straps are really neat! This is a perfect "not trying too hard" top that would be great for a dinner, family event, movies, etc. 

Verdict: Kept it! I thought the price was on point for this top and I'm reallyyyy excited about it! 

Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser ($98.00):

Review: Let me tell you about these pants. They are a dream come true! They are work pants that feel like yoga pants! Seriously.. they even have a elastic band and they fit perfectly- not too baggy, form fitting or long. They are comfy enough to sleep in!

Verdict: Although they are the PERFECT work pants, I thought the price was too high for work clothes. I usually stick to cheaper prices for work attire.. however, my sister tried them on and she decided to keep them! So technically, they were kept by someone! I'm glad my sister will be enjoying them!!

Here's the cute little styling cards they sent me for the items:

All in all, I loved my fix and if I had the budget I would have kept all 5 items. They sent me fabulous clothing for work, casual times and even for going out. Really cute stuff, thank you Tim from Stitch Fix! Can't wait for next month's fix! 

Let me know what y'all thought of the items!

P.S. I also wrote this post on BlogHer- you can read it here! Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Five!!

It is Friday! What a long week it's been! Here are 5 things that happened this week:

1. Rent The Runway.   Guys. I've written about Rent The Runway many times on here (see the posts here and here), and it's one of my favorite companies ever invented! Well, right now they are having a huge clearance sale so you can buy the hardly worn designer dresses / jewelry / bags to keep forever!

We are talking $400- $700 designer dresses for $60! You may go to the site and think to yourself "well, why would I buy this dress when I can rent it here?" Guess what.. most of these items are no longer available to rent on the site anymore. So this is probably your last chance! These clearance sales rarely happen on RTR so click here to see for yourself!

I ended up buying this Badgley Mischka dress that I wore on NYE this year- it was a $450 dress on sale for $60! I also ordered this black cocktail dress.

2. Nails.   I am loving this new polish color I found from the OPI color paints collection:

It is called Chromatic Orange. I love that it's a reddish orange and it really stands out! I have noticed that the newer colors from OPI are higher quality and seem to last a really long time without chipping- much like Essie polishes. Has anyone else noticed this?

3. Fun news this week. I have been invited to be a RocksBox It Girl! I'm getting a three-month free membership to the site and I will be documenting it all on here! 

I am so pumped because you get unlimited designer jewelry sent to you every month to wear, and you get discounts if you want to buy the jewelry!!! This is perfect for me because I LOVE jewelry, but I'm very picky about what jewelry I wear. This way you can try before you buy! They have a wide selection from some of my favorite designers including Kendra Scott and Gorjana! The service is usually $20/ month.

If you want to try the service out for 1 month for FREE, enter my code " theritzyglitzyxoxo " at checkout! If any of you guys have tried RocksBox before please let me know how you like it!

4. Song Of The Week. I really like Demi Lovato's new song Cool For The Summer! I have hated all her previous songs so I'm glad that she finally has a song that is a big hit! However.. I'm not a big fan of the video:

It is pretty boring, and basically it's just her dancing by herself the whole time in an overly skimpy outfit. I wish they had come up with something more creative for such a fun song. Thoughts???


5. Masquerade. This year I am on the committee to plan Junior League's Masquerade! It our fundraiser for the Junior League of Nashville, and it's a black tie event. It is going to be a Mardi Gras Masquerade theme. This year we are trying a new venue so it will be held at the Omni Hotel ! It's set for February 6, 2016!  

It is a while away but if you would like to order tickets, click here! I will also be hosting a table if anyone wants to sit with us for the dinner! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dermstore Anniversary Sale


As you know, my favorite makeup store is Dermstore - I have written about it twice on this blog both here and here

They have a huge selection of basically every beauty product (as much as Sephora) and they will deliver to your door ASAP with free shipping! They also have tons of deals.. and GREAT NEWS! Now is their 16th Anniversary Sale!

You get 25% off your entire order with the code DS16! The sale lasts until August 17. Free shipping always, and if you sign up to be in their insiders circle you get 15% off your next order! 

So now is a fab time to stock up on your makeup and hair supplies and save some big money! I just ordered my favorite eyeliner and decided to try this BB cream primer that was recommended on Womanista! I ended up saving around $15 from the sale.

Let me know if you order anything from the sale! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise


Lately I have unexpectedly gotten hooked on Bachelor in Paradise! Even though I am a huge fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, for years I have refused to watch Bachelor Pad or Bachelor in Paradise. This is because the show seemed like a mix between Big Brother and The Bachelor and that sounded like a very trashy combo to me. 

However I decided to give the show a chance this year because I was interested to watch Jade Roper, 28, from Chris's season, Tenley Molzahn, 31, from Jake's season, Claire Crawley, 31, from Juan Pablo's season and Ashley Iaconetti, 27, from Chris's season. 

 From left to right:  Jade Roper, Claire Crawley, Tenley Molzahn, and Ashley Iaconetti

First of all, Tenley Molzahn has a pretty interesting background. She first went through a divorce at a young age and went on the Bachelor. She ended up being the runner up on Jake's season. She then went on to be on Bachelor Pad where she met Kiptyn Locke, and they ended up dating for 5 years. Although there were untrue rumors of them getting engaged they never did and they recently split up. She now is on the show for another chance at love.

Ashley Iaconetti, 27, brings her own twist to the show, because she brought along her younger sister, Lauren, who has never been on a reality show! It was hilarious watching them have sisterly melt downs until Lauren threw a series of temper tantrums and went home.

Unfortunately for the girls I think the guys on this season are kind of a bummer and none of them bring much to the table. 

The hot commodity seems to be Jared Haibon, 26, from Kaitlyn's season and the women  act like he's as attractive as Brad Pitt or something. I think they all must be suffering from cabin fever because I have never thought he is attractive whatsoever! Also, he is so much younger then everyone else on the island so it is super weird that he gets so much attention over the other men. 

 Jared Haibon

I also have enjoyed watching all the men fight over Tenley and Claire, who are the oldest women on the show. Since I am 30 I can relate to them in some ways. Although some of the cast have made comments that are ageist, I think it's just because they are jealous of all the attention the two women are getting.

In last night's episode Claire had a big hissy fit because Jared revealed he isn't that into her. I think it was silly of Claire to go after a man 8 years younger than her. I am all for dating people younger or older than you but personally I think there is a big difference mentally between a 26-year-old-man and a 34-year-old-woman! 

I'm interested to see what happens on the rest of the season! It comes on both Sunday and Monday nights.

What do you guys think of the show and who are your favorite people to watch?

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