Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Advice for Sorority Rush: What You May Not Know

It's that time of year again! Last year I wrote a post about Ole Miss rush, and this year I am writing some words of advice for girls going through the rush process. These are based on my personal experiences and things I heard while going through the rush process many years ago.

 Me during rush week, 2005

1. Keep an open mind. Many sororities have very large pledge classes- mine had 93 girls! So there's no way that an entire sorority is all the same kind of girl. If you get cut from a sorority you wanted, or ended up with a sorority you didn't expect, give it a shot! Everything may have worked out that way for a reason, and at the very least you will meet girls from campus that you wouldn't have otherwise. Later in life people will find it interesting and unique that you were in a sorority. They won't be worrying about what sorority you were in. 

2. Your high school grades matter. You may think that your grades from high school only mattered to get into college, but you didn't leave that GPA behind when you left for school. Many sororities have a cutoff GPA for what girls they will accept into their sorority (due to sorority national requirements). Sororities have to report their average GPA to nationals, and if it gets too low, nationals could have their chapter removed from campus. Many will only accept a certain amount of girls with "grade risks" into each pledge class. The good news is if you have a high GPA you probably have an advantage over other girls!

3. Where you're from may matter. Some sororities will only accept a certain amount of girls from each city. Or a certain number of girls from out-of-state. If you are an out-of-state student you may have a disadvantage but do NOT get discouraged! You may end up in a sorority with many out-of-state girls who have a lot in common with you!

4. You will get to experience a rarely shown side of things and see happenings that you will never have a chance to see again. You will only be able to experience Greek Life like this in college so take it all in! Experiencing rush both when you are being rushed or rushing others is pretty amusing and very interesting. Afterwards you'll have a lot of stories to tell!

5. It isn't all parties- sorority is a major time commitment. You will have mandatory weekly meetings (that last 1-2 hours) and some sororities require study halls if you don't have a certain semester GPA. You will spend countless weekends and hours preparing for rush. When I was a sorority, setting up for rush all night until 5 am during the school week was no surprise! 

After rush you will have weekends devoted to sisterhood retreats, initiation, etc. It is a lot to take on on top of school work, but what you get out of it is worth it! 

6. Volunteerism. During rush, take the time to listen to each sorority talk about their philanthropy and what they do for their local charities! It can be really inspiring to see the difference that sororities make in their community. 

7. In your life after college, a sorority really stands out on a resume. When I am looking through a huge stack of resumes for jobs at our office, it always stands out to me if a girl was in a sorority. Even better if you held some kind of leadership position as a member. It shows that you know how to get along with others, take on roles and be part of a team. These are qualities that people want in coworkers in the workplace. 

In both interviews for careers I've had I was asked about my years in a sorority, and I ended up landing the job over others who interviewed. I really feel like it made me stand out over others who applied for my position.

8. After college, sorority alumni organizations can help you network and meet others!  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but life can get lonely after your undergrad years are over. You will be looking for any and every opportunity to meet people, and it helps so much to have your local sorority alumni organization! You will have events and volunteer opportunities that you wouldn't have otherwise. 

Do you guys have any advice for girls going through rush this year? Let me know your experiences in your sorority and how rush was. I'm all ears!

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