Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise


Lately I have unexpectedly gotten hooked on Bachelor in Paradise! Even though I am a huge fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, for years I have refused to watch Bachelor Pad or Bachelor in Paradise. This is because the show seemed like a mix between Big Brother and The Bachelor and that sounded like a very trashy combo to me. 

However I decided to give the show a chance this year because I was interested to watch Jade Roper, 28, from Chris's season, Tenley Molzahn, 31, from Jake's season, Claire Crawley, 31, from Juan Pablo's season and Ashley Iaconetti, 27, from Chris's season. 

 From left to right:  Jade Roper, Claire Crawley, Tenley Molzahn, and Ashley Iaconetti

First of all, Tenley Molzahn has a pretty interesting background. She first went through a divorce at a young age and went on the Bachelor. She ended up being the runner up on Jake's season. She then went on to be on Bachelor Pad where she met Kiptyn Locke, and they ended up dating for 5 years. Although there were untrue rumors of them getting engaged they never did and they recently split up. She now is on the show for another chance at love.

Ashley Iaconetti, 27, brings her own twist to the show, because she brought along her younger sister, Lauren, who has never been on a reality show! It was hilarious watching them have sisterly melt downs until Lauren threw a series of temper tantrums and went home.

Unfortunately for the girls I think the guys on this season are kind of a bummer and none of them bring much to the table. 

The hot commodity seems to be Jared Haibon, 26, from Kaitlyn's season and the women  act like he's as attractive as Brad Pitt or something. I think they all must be suffering from cabin fever because I have never thought he is attractive whatsoever! Also, he is so much younger then everyone else on the island so it is super weird that he gets so much attention over the other men. 

 Jared Haibon

I also have enjoyed watching all the men fight over Tenley and Claire, who are the oldest women on the show. Since I am 30 I can relate to them in some ways. Although some of the cast have made comments that are ageist, I think it's just because they are jealous of all the attention the two women are getting.

In last night's episode Claire had a big hissy fit because Jared revealed he isn't that into her. I think it was silly of Claire to go after a man 8 years younger than her. I am all for dating people younger or older than you but personally I think there is a big difference mentally between a 26-year-old-man and a 34-year-old-woman! 

I'm interested to see what happens on the rest of the season! It comes on both Sunday and Monday nights.

What do you guys think of the show and who are your favorite people to watch?

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