Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five!

Well this has really been a week for the books in many ways, and the weekend hasn't even started yet. A lot of news was a bummer, but not everything was bad. Here is my Friday 5 to sum up this week.

1. I will no longer see movies in the movie theater. After the violent attach in Antioch, which is 20 minutes from my house, I will no longer be seeing movies in movie theaters unless it has a metal detector. This is all getting way too close to home. These movie theater attacks used to have specific timing- at a premiere, or right when a movie just came out- but now you can't even see a matinee of Mad Max, which has been out for two months without fearing for your life! 

2. I haven't written about it on here, but I have started a new fitness routine- I've been working out 3-4 times a week and eating extra healthy for about 6 weeks. I bought an elliptical machine for my home and it has made working out so convenient! 

I had been getting discouraged because the scale hadn't really been budging even though I'd put in so much work. But this week, I lost TWO POUNDS! Yes! Two pounds in one week.. raise the roof! The change I made for this week? Not eating Jimmy Johns sandwiches on my lunch breaks anymore. Yep, even the healthy version of their sandwiches seemed to be slowing down my progress.. so no more Jimmy Johns for me!

3. The weeks after the Nordstrom Sale means... possible returns. I had been so ecstatic about this Topshop furry vest that was marked down from $140 to $90! It looked perf on Alyson Hayley from Sequins & Things, shown below:

Anyways, she was right- it was super soft and looked like real fur! But I ordered a medium because the small was sold out. When I tried the vest on I looked like a yeti because it was WAY too big and wide! I considered getting it altered, but no. I doubt any seamstress can do wonders with faux fur. Since the vest is completely sold out, back to the store it went. From now on I will try furry vests on in stores because they can make you look huge!

4. Above is a snap that I took while I early-voted last weekend. An upsetting thing about this week is that my cousin, Bill Freeman did not win the Mayoral Election last night. He still got 21% of the votes though, only 2% behind Fox. He had such fantastic ideas for the future of Nashville so it is a let down that he will not be Nashville's next mayor or be in the mayoral run-off. Anyways, I will be voting for Fox in the run-off election. I am actually pretty surprised that Megan Barry is in the final two, but she did do a lot of campaigning and had a lot of commercials. My sister even saw her at the voting polls saying "Vote for me!" when she was voting last week- so she was making a lot of face time.

5. After a doozie of a week.. I am SO PUMPED for a girls night out! Much needed! Can't wait to start off the night with drinks at Patterson House with some girls:

Although most of you Nashvillians have been to the speak easy bar Patterson House, I will have to post about it some day! Too bad they don't allow picture taking inside! I am guilty though of taking secret pics of my drinks anyways when I'm tipsy ;)

Hope you all have an extraordinary weekend!!!

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