Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#Hashtag Hats

Meghan Edmonds from Real Housewives of Orange County has come out with her own line of hats called #Hashtag Hats. I like her not only because she is a fellow Ole Miss Rebel, and the same age as me, but she is definitely an entertaining cast member on the show. 

She may be mean sometimes but she is pretty brave for what she says to the other housewives! I would be afraid to even be in the same room as them! 

It is also funny how on the show she is newly married so she keeps forgetting her new married name is Meghan Edmonds, so she keeps accidentally calling herself her maiden name Meghan King, which confuses people. I bet this happens to so many newly married women.

Anyways, I am really wanting this hat from her collection:

I am in need of this hat for many reasons! The last couple of months drama has been coming at me from all directions- whether it's work, friends, life, pets, neighbors, you name it, it has seemed to be a revolving door of drama coming my way when I did nothing to cause it.

I've learned to take it all in stride though, so maybe if I wear this hat it will lighten the mood, or at least get a few laughs. 

Here are the other hats from her collection:

Each hat costs between $25- $35.00 and you can order them here. These hats could really make funny joke gifts. The "classy" hat is kind of funny because it is ironic and sarcastic, but obvs I would not wear a hat with a curse word on it. It could be funny for a trailer park themed party or maybe someone's bachelorette party?  She needs to make a hat saying #WhoopItUp in honor of Vicki on Real Housewives.. how fun would that hat be?!!?

100% of the proceeds from selling the cancer hats benefit Fight Colorectal Cancer. If you didn't hear already, the ex wife of  Meghan Edmonds's husband, LeAnn Huntley Edmonds-Horton (who is featured on the show), recently passed away from cancer so the proceeds are in her honor. 

This is what Meghan Edmonds wrote about her company on the website:

#Hashtag Hats was inspired by my bad hair days but longing to look cute - one thing every woman can relate to #TheStruggleIsReal. As the newest, youngest, boldest and realist (okay, maybe I am flattering myself but if I say it enough I'll believe it, right?) cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County I know that with a quick look at me I've been summed up. You know how I know this? No one remembers my shoes, everyone remembers my makeup, hair and earrings because that's where people look when you speak (well, its where they're supposed to look) #MYEYESAREOVERHERE. So rock some sparkle and 'tude and make a statement. 

The woman owned company sells trucker hats made just for women. It fits comfortably and doesn't have all that extra space on the top of the cap. You also don't have to pull the adjustable strap on the back on the tightest setting for the right fit.

These are not the classiest of hats, but you have to enjoy her sense of humor. What do y'all think of these hats? 

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