Monday, August 3, 2015

Lay's Do Us A Flavor Contest: Review

Lay's Do Us A Flavor Contest is back! It is a contest to come up with Lay's potato chip's next flavor. Go try each of the 4 runner-up flavors and vote on your favorite- you could win $1,000 just for voting! 

Once the contest is over, the grand prize winner wins $1,000,000 and the other 3 runners up win $50,000 each once the grand prize winner is announced. The grand prize winner's flavor will also be a Lay's potato chip flavor permanently. 

Does anyone remember a couple years ago when they had this contest- they had the chicken n' waffles flavor? The cheesy garlic bread flavor ended up winning- I didn't like that one but it was voted the winner!

Last week a coworker brought three of the flavors in and we all got to try them at work to see what we thought! This year's theme for the contest was for the contest entries to pick a flavor based on a location in the USA. 

Here is what I thought of each of the flavors:

Southern Biscuits and Gravy. This one was my favorite- and it really tastes like biscuits and gravy! It also really tastes good as a chip! Almost all of us liked this flavor. I kept eating this kind the rest of the day!


Greektown Gyro. This was my least favorite. I love gyros, but I didn't think this tasted like a Gyro at all. It also didn't taste like anything similar that I could think of, and it didn't taste good as a potato chip. My coworkers either LOVED or HATED this chip.

New York Reuben. This was my second favorite- it really tasted like a reuben (believe it or not!) It had the rye bread and meat flavor down perfect! Most everyone loved this flavor and agreed that it tasted like a reuben. The two coworkers who didn't like it said they didn't like it as a potato chip.

West Coast Truffle Fries: I didn't get to try this flavor and I haven't seen it in stores yet. (I found this picture of on the internet). I haven't tried truffle fries from the west coast.. so I'm not sure if I would be a good judge anyways!

I ended up voting for the Southern Biscuits and Gravy flavor- I hope it wins! I would also be happy if the reuben flavor won- they both are really good! Last time I did not like any of the flavors as a potato chip, but  these two really work!

Next time I have got to enter a flavor into the contest.. you could win so much money! It's also pretty cool to have your name on a potato chip bag for all to see ;) Let me know if you tried any of the flavors and what you think!  

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