Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Best Beanie Baby Ever


Calling all animal lovers! The toy creator company, Ty, Inc. has created a commemorative Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby!

Ty will funnel proceeds from the beanie baby's sale to the University of Oxford's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. This is the research unit that had been tracking Cecil through a GPS collar prior to his passing on July 2.

They will begin selling the beanie baby at the end of September of this year. The Cecil beanie baby will retail for $5.99, according to the Chicago Tribune, and 100 percent of sales will be donated to the research unit. 

Ty Warner, the founder and chairman of Ty said in a statement that they are hoping that this special beanie baby will raise awareness for animal conservation and give comfort and hope to all who are saddened by the loss of Cecil.

This isn't Ty's first conservation-themed beanie baby. In 2004, the company launched co-branded beanie babies in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

I've loved beanie babies ever since elementary school.. and how cute is this toy lion?? I will have to get one, or maybe several since 100% of the proceeds to go Cecil's research unit! This is also a genius PR move for the company, especially since I haven't thought about beanie baby toys in a while. 

I'm glad to see something positive coming out of this tragedy! How great would this be for gifts or for stocking stuffers this Christmas?

Remembering Cecil,

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