Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How To Declutter and Minimize Your Closet

One of the most overwhelming tasks for women is downsizing your closet! If your dress code at work is business casual like mine, the majority of your closet probably consists of work attire.. unless you want to do laundry every 5 days. I am very envious of people who get to wear scrubs, or a work uniform every day because then I could spend my money on FUN clothes instead of what I will wear while sitting in an office.

Over time, so much clothing had followed me from place to place from high school, college, and beyond that my closet had become unmanageable and overflowing. I no longer could find some of my favorite staple pieces because they were hidden away in my small-village-of-a-closet. So on Monday for the first time ever I eliminated literally HALF of my closet. Yes ladies, it can be done! So here's how I did it and how you can declutter and minimize your closet:

   1. Go through and remove all the not-this-season seasonable pieces. Since it's almost October, I removed all spring/summer items like seersucker, swim cover-ups, white pants, shorts, white skirts, sandals, etc. If it is spring or summer for you, remove all fall/winter items like sweaters, vests and boots- they take up so much room! Put them all into a bin (I got this one from the container store) and store it under your bed. There it will be out of the way until you can switch them out once the weather changes! The space under your bed is storage space that I always forget about!

   2. I next had to decide what I wear the least from my closet.. which are cocktail dresses, formal dresses and ball gowns. These were taking up a lot of room and these beautiful dresses were just collecting dust.... I wish I had more occasions to wear these but I just don't! So I removed all of these and put them into a sturdy box labeled "formal/cocktail dresses". I stored the box at the top of my coats closet in the entry way of my home. Now if I have an event coming up I will go through the box ahead of time and get the dress dry cleaned for the event. 

   3. Use your bedroom drawers and shelves whenever possible. It is amazing what actually doesn't have to be stored on a hanger. I went through and took my skirts, tanks, dress pants and flannel shirts off of hangers and folded them onto shelves or drawers. These actually haven't wrinkled now that they're off the hanger- and they now won't hog up closet space!

   4. Sell your stuff. The next step is what's really not fun.... getting rid of stuff. But these days you can make extra cash off your clothes and shoes which can be fun! You can sell your items at Plato's Closet (I have sold there many times), on Poshmark, eBay, at your local consignment store, or you could be extra brave and have a yard sale. Also look around to see if there are any charitable consignment events going on in your area- you could get a tax deduction for donating your old clothes to them! 

   5. Donate your stuff. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to toss stuff that you haven't worn or thought about in forever. Just throw it in a bag and take it to Goodwill.. you'll be much happier to have the extra room and it is very good karma for you since someone less fortunate that you will enjoy them!

   6. Storage. There were a few items that may not fit anymore, but I couldn't part with. Stuff like my dress from my senior prom, my favorite dresses from college, my favorite jeans from high school, etc. I just can't give them away because they mean a little too much to me. So they were put into my storage room. This way they aren't gone forever but won't be taking up space in my closet!

So there you have it. Follow these simple steps and you will be a free woman like me! Now you won't feel overwhelmed while looking for an item or feel weighed down by years worth of clothing that you never wear!

If you have any other secrets for decluttering and minimizing your closet, please share them below!

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