Monday, September 14, 2015

That 70s Trend

Can we talk a minute about how my favorite decade for fashion is the 1970s?? I can't tell you enough about how ecstatic I am that 70s fashion is back this fall!!! In high school my very favorite things to wear were colored corduroy, flared jeans and mini skirts. AND NOW THEY ARE BACK IN STYLE! This weekend I was feeling down so I decided to go to the mall to check out the 70's fall fashion in the stores. I got the coolest stuff that I can't wait to tell you about! 

I talk all the time about how sick I am of skinny jeans. This spring I told you about how skinny jeans are going out of style. Well, now the time has come. I am so happy that flared jeans are back! Last year you couldn't find a single pair of even bootcut jeans... it was all skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. Not this year! 

Even though I have recently lost 9 pounds from working out and dieting (I still have a ways to go before my goal!), I still can't fit into my high school jeans (it was 11 years ago, after all!) But now my favorite jeans company 7 For All Mankind has brought the flared A-pocket jeans back! FINALLY! 

They are almost the exact same as my favorite pair in high school. I went to the store in the mall and tried them on and they fit perfect! Even though they are pricey, it is a great decision to invest in awesome fitting high quality jeans. You can wear them for years until they don't fit anymore! They are SO comfy, aren't too low and I cant wait to wear them with a pair of booties. Click above to see these jeans for yourself!

Another thing I was excited to see at the Express store were sailor skirts! I got the skirts above in both black and rust colors, because they can go with so many tops and accessories! I feel so european when I wear them and they aren't too short, so they are still age appropriate for someone who is 30 like myself! I'm obsessed. Click the links above to shop.

I also saw several pairs of colored corduroy pants when I was in the 7 For All Mankind Store. I adore colored cords because they are SO comfy, but still can be dressed up or down. I really wanted the black pair above but decided to wait. 

And SIDENOTE: if you go to the 7 For All Mankind Store and make a purchase they will give you a surprise gift card that is worth between $50- $700! You will find out the amount in October so be sure to stop by and get a card! I will probably get the black cords above once I find out the amount on my gift card.

One other thing that I've been seeing on all the fashion blogs lately are button front suede skirts! I saw the one above at Express.. I wanted to try it on but at this point I had bought enough and didn't want to tempt myself. Click above to see it for yourself. 

Are y'all as excited about these 70's trends as me? I feel like these trends are much more comfortable, flattering and stylish for all body types than the skinny jeans/ bodycon trends. Let me know what you think of these styles! You can also read this post here on BlogHer! Thanks for reading!

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