Friday, October 9, 2015



When one of your favorite restaurants closes, it always feels very tragic. It is usually pretty unexpected and you are hit with depressed feelings because you'll probably never be able to eat their food again.... ever.

But last week, I realized that one of my favorite restaurants has risen back from restaurant heaven. Just when us native Nashvillians have felt defeated by New Nashville taking over, a little food angel from the past has come back to us! 

GREEN HILLS GRILLE IS BACK!!! I was SO excited to hear this news, and I still am!! 

For all of you who are not familiar with this restaurant's past, Green Hills Grille opened in Nashville in 1990, and it was in the location where Noshville in Green Hills is now. The restaurant was a huge success and a local favorite for 18 years before it closed very unexpectedly in 2008 when its Florida-based company went bankrupt

Vintage Photo of the former Green Hills Grille (image via Facebook

We were all left with only memories of their coconut chicken fingers, their tortilla soup, their burgers, chinese chicken salad,  their white table cloths and their well lit dining area.

That is, until this year when Steven Smithing, owner and operator of Mere Bulles in Maryland Farms, decided to bring the restaurant back. He moved it into the building where Alegria was in Green Hills (don't fret- Alegria has relocated to 1720 West End Avenue). Smithing has a special connection to Green Hills Grille because he worked at the original restaurant for 11 years. He started as a server and worked up to General Manager of the restaurant before he went onto other things when the restaurant closed. 

I had to try this place ASAP and I was so happy when my mother mentioned that she wanted to go there! The building is really nice, and they kept the outside patio area that Allegria used. 

We were sure to try many of our old favorite menu items! The menu is very much like the former restaurant- they still have their tortilla soup, coconut chicken tenders, burger, and desserts. We tried the following below:

Coconut Chicken Tenders

These tenders are just as good as I remembered- and they still have the same sauce! I remember eating them as a kid, teenager and college student. Be sure to try them if you come in. 

Blackened Fish Sandwich

This was on their previous menu. I am still on a diet and have been trying to order fish or chicken when I go to restaurants. This is why I didn't order the burger. However, this fish sandwich is AMAZING and melts in your mouth. It normally comes with chips but I asked for fries instead since I wanted to try them. The fries are divine and I couldn't stop eating them- they are kind of soft in the middle- a different texture for fries and SO GOOD! I ate the fish sandwich in 2 seconds - I loved the tartar sauce on it too.

Nashville's Best Burger

My mother ordered the burger above and I wish I had gotten to try it. She loved it and it looked delicious!

Heath Bar Crunch Pie

I remembered this dessert from their old menu- it is still reallyyyyy good! I have always been a heath bar fan! It has both heath bar ice cream and chocolate ice cream and has a very unusual cookie crust. Make sure to try it! 

You can see their full menu here. Their menu is an eclectic mix of steak, seafood, sushi, sports bar food, and mexican food. The sushi is a very new addition and I would love to try it! They have free valet parking if you can't find a parking spot.

Thank you to Green Hills Grille for coming back! I loved all of the food and can't wait to go back again! Nashvillians, do any of you remember the old Green Hills Grille- and what do you think of its return? Let me know what you think of the new restaurant!!! 

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