Monday, October 19, 2015

Le Sel : Review


This weekend Adam and I got to try out Nashville's new french restaurant- Le Sel! It is located in the bottom of The Adelicia condos in midtown. This is the newest restaurant created by Strategic Hospitality the Goldberg brothers who have brought you The Catbird Seat, Pinewood Social and Patterson House (click to read my past reviews of each!) It is a brand new restaurant and just opened two weeks ago! Their theme is new world french cuisine, and their executive chef is Rene De Leon.

Le Sel (which means salt in French) has three different menus. They serve the brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays until 3, but the rest of the week they serve the brunch menu, lunch, and dinner menus. We were there on a Saturday so we got to try out their brunch!

This restaurant really made me feel like I was back in France! It really resembles a french cafe with its black and white floors, pink couches, etc:

This restaurant has a very authentic french menu, and I although I took french in high school and college, I ended up having to look up the meanings of a few french words on the menu for clarification. I took a photo of their menu below:

Le Sel  raves about their fresh seafood so I couldn't wait to try some- their separate Seafood Menu is below:

We started off by sharing the Seafood Tasting Platter:

It was absolutely delicious! It had three different kinds of oysters, shrimp and a salmon dip. Definitely some of the freshest seafood I've ever had in Nashville. The platter came with little labels so you know what kinds of oysters you are trying and where they are from. Here are the kinds of oysters we tried:

You can really tell a difference in the types of oysters- my favorites were the Salute oysters from Canada and the Cape Cod oysters from Massachusetts. The salmon dip was also insanely good- our server told us that all of their seafood is flown in from up north so it is only a day old- you could definitely taste the freshness!

For our brunch entrees, Adam ordered the Eggs Any Way dish with a hash brown and I went French and ordered the steak frites- read about each below:

Eggs Any Way

This dish sounded like it would be the most simple dish- but it was far from simple! The crispy slab bacon, hash brown and toasted brioche were SO tasty! I have never had hash browns like that before, so it is worth just coming here for the hash browns!!!! 

The crispy slab bacon was so delicious and reminded me of the pork belly course that I had at their sister restaurant The Catbird Seat. So good!

Steak Frites

The steak was really good and they didn't give me too large of a portion (probably since this is the brunch menu). Their frites are really some of the very best fries I've ever had in Nashville (I may like them even more than my favorite Flip Burger or Tavern Fries!) The fries came with ketchup and also a garlic butter for dipping. I really couldn't stop eating the fries. Definitely try the steak frites!!

We can't wait to go back to Le Sel.  If the dishes we tried were that fabulous, I can't wait to try the rest of their dishes like their Ratatouille, Croque Madame, Belgium Waffles or Lobster Omelette. The menu was pricey but it was worth it to try such unique and tasty food!

I am also curious to see what is on their lunch menu and dinner menus- especially since they aren't posted online yet! They also have a very extensive wine and cocktail list that I would also love to try. 

Le Sel is one of the few Nashville restaurants that accepts reservations and you can book them through their website or on the phone. Their top floor is their private dining room and can be reserved for larger parties.

Let me know what you think of Le Sel if you have made it there yet! 

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