Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Favorite Blogs

I wanted to write today about some of my favorite blogs! I usually follow blogs when I feel like I can relate to the blogger, their writing and have things in common with them - almost all of these women are exactly my age or just a few years older or younger. These ladies have been blogging for a long time and work really hard on bringing great content to their readers, so be sure to check out their blogs!

All Around Favorite Blog: 
by Lauren Evarts

Yep, this is my very favorite blog and I'm so happy that my sister introduced me to The Skinny Confidential! This blog is by Lauren Evarts (above) from San Diego, California. After graduating from San Diego State and then getting her nutrition certification, it was her mission to start a lifestyle blog. After bartending and writing on a daily basis, she launched The Skinny Confidential many years ago and since then she has been able to quit her job and travel the world with her fiance while full-time blogging!  She is just 3 years younger than me and is such a real, unique and funny person!!

This is my very favorite blog because it has it all. She writes about workout routines, fashion, nutrition, pop culture, health, everything. She also writes about things that people are too embarrassed to write about which can be fun (and insightful) to read. I just cant find the nerve to write about embarrassing health topics, relationship topics, etc. on my blog, (maybe I would if I was anonymous but my family and friends read this so I just can't do it!) but Lauryn is SO brave and will research the craziest and sometimes the grossest subjects and use herself as a guinea pig for her readers! She will REALLY discuss anything. Big props to Lauryn. 

She is also the author of The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Beauty Guide that you can buy to learn all about recipes, exercises etc. so you can be fit like her! Her blog has really affected my life because I started taking magnesium and other vitamin supplements after reading her advice and I feel so much better every day. I have also been wanting to try a lymphanic massage after reading her blog. So be sure to read it, I guarantee you'll learn something new! 

Favorite Comedy Blog:
by Taylor Wolfe

Taylor (above) is my age and a Nebraska native living in Chicago. Many years ago when she was a college student she started a blog when she was a lab rat in a medical testing center. Because she was a broke college student, she had decided to be a medical guinea pig so that she could make a quick $5,000 so she could travel to Europe. She blogged about the process and the strange people who were being tested with her on The Daily Tay.

Unexpectedly, her blog really took off from there and she gained a following because of her hilarious and honest posts (like this one!). Because she is so funny, she now does standup comedy in Chicago and many of her blog posts have gone viral. She has been able to quit her job and blog full-time  - she now also owns a tee shirt company that sells funny merchandise! She is really hilarious and loves to make fun of herself, so be sure to read her blog! 

Favorite Local Blog:
by Cassie McConnell Kelley

Cassie McConnell Kelley started this blog in 2012 after she married the well-known musician Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum. She started blogging because she wanted a hobby while traveling the country with him on tour. I remembered Cassie from growing up in Nashville because we both went to Ensworth Middle School and Harpeth Hall School, so I already knew who she was before her blog.

Mrs. Kelley started Womanista, a lifestyle brand, to inspire and encourage women to follow their passions in life that makes them their best self. It features posts about fashion, beauty, family, wellness, design and current events.

Womanista for years was only written by Mrs. Kelley, but in the last few months the blog was sold to Yahoo, 247Sports and on a custom technology platform designed for the women's lifestyle category. So now you can read material written by many different bloggers- so be sure to read it! It is much like BlogHer and there are new fashion, pop culture, health, family, etc. posts every day, so be sure to read Womanista! 

Favorite Fashion Blog:
by Alyson Haley

Fashion blogs bore me because most of the time I can't afford anything on there and the bloggers seem snooty or unrelatable. You usually have to scroll through 20 photos of the same outfit before finally being able to read who makes the clothing. Sequins & Things is the only fashion blog I really read because it is affordable, relatable and Alyson Haley and her rescue dog, Fish, (above) are adorable! 

Alyson Haley (her real name is Haley Sheppard) is from Jacksonville, Florida and started her fashion blog in 2013 as a hobby when she was a nurse. Because of her fabulous taste in clothing and accessories, she gained a very big following. Since then she has been able to quit her job and earn a living as a full-time fashion blogger! 

Most of the clothing she wears is from Nordstrom and anytime a store like Shopbop or Nordstrom has a sale she will write a huge post about the best deals and where to quickly buy the items before they sell out. 

Thanks to her I found this curling iron that is the only invention ever that can curl my straight hair, so now I can finally curl my hair myself all the time without a hair stylist! So THANK YOU Alyson Haley!! If you are going to read a fashion blog, read this one - her Snapchats are also fun to follow!

Favorite Blog about Blogging:

I recently started reading this blog a couple months ago - Helene is a Texas native who suddenly has relocated to Nashville with her husband! She has been blogging since 2011 and now she is very successful from making her entire income from her blog. She started blogging when she was involved in a very serious rock climbing incident when she fell 20 feet and ended up seriously injured and out of work for  many months.

She has blogging forums and has made a lot of money from blogging so be sure to read some of her tips. She also blogs about her life, etc. and has some really (really) funny stories. Helene is two years younger than me and is married to her high school sweetheart. I also like to read about where she goes in Nashville since she is a newcomer here!

Do any of you read these blogs too? Let me know! Also let me know what you think of them and the bloggers' stories!

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