Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday! Hope you all have had a fabulous week.. here are 5 things that happened this week...

1. First and foremost, everyone please sent prayers and good thoughts to my cat Missy who is undergoing surgery today! I will elaborate more on this later, but I just dropped her off at the vet today before work and it broke my heart! Lets wish her all a speedy recovery! My poor princess :( 

2. On a happier note, did anyone see Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton's performance here in Nashville at the CMAs? Phenomenal!!! I wish JT would come out with a country album!! If you missed it, watch it here:

3. Has anyone else been watching Dash Dolls on E? 

I have been seeing a familiar face on there lately.. Ronnie Radke, who is Caroline Burt's new boyfriend:

I knew I recognized him from somewhere... and I eventually realized that he also dated Jenna King from Southern Charm (remember her?)

I really wonder how Ronnie Radke gets such pretty girls when he has tattoos covering his face and has spent over 2 years in prison for his involvement in a fatal shooting? Yep I googled him after he got all defensive when one of the girls on the show asked what his murder face-tattoo meant...

  His mugshot:

Well in my opinion he isn't good looking (at all) and I find him to have a lousy personality from what I see on the show..... AND he is an ex-con? Run, Caroline! The dating pool in LA can't possibly be that bad!!! Yuck. Has anyone been watching Dash Dolls other than me??

4. Soooo about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani......

This is all a little strange. Even though I've heard gossip that Miranda cheated on Blake (resulting in their divorce) and Gavin Rossdale cheated on Gwen (resulting in their divorce too) I still don't think its okay how they have been announcing their relationship. They may be mad at their exs (and rightfully so if it's true) but they shouldn't have announced that they are dating on the day of the CMAs when they could be running into Miranda Lambert and Miranda has to perform. It's a little much, and Gwen is still technically married, so they shouldn't they tone it down a bit? Thoughts?? 

5. Flaunt Boutique is the place for fashion right now. If you are looking for affordable fashion, be sure to follow their Instagram @FlauntBoutiqueTX .. they have sooo much cute stuff right now and it's so hard not to order everything. I'm so excited about this dress I ordered from them this week:

.. and best of all it was only $30! Let me know what y'all think of their store. 

Hope you all have a fab weekend! Thanks for reading!!

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