Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How To Make Your Nail Polish Last

This post is for all you nail-obsessed people like me! I cannot tolerate chipped nails (ever) so I end up painting my nails at least once a week - it's been like that for me since I was in middle school. Painted nails are such a fun way to express yourself and look sharp!

I used to go get those expensive gel manicures done in the salon, but after a while I got sick of it because it takes forever for the nail techs to do and it really costs a little much. I also feel like my nails can't breathe with that gel stuck on them for two weeks!

I had been wondering what nail salons do in order to have your polish last so long- and what gives that shiny look that you can only get when you have just left the salon. 

And the secret is....................

....a really good top coat!

This Seche Vite top coat is what manicurists actually use in the salon - and ever since I started using it I've been hooked! You also will be shocked at how cheap it is - it costs less than a bottle of OPI or Essie polish and one bottle lasts a really long time!

Whenever I use it, it makes my polish last at least a week with no chipping! It also leaves them super shiny.

Here's a picture of my nails with the top coat after 8 days of wear... as you can see, still no chips!

To Use: Start with clean nails and apply your polish color. Let dry. Next, apply the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat - it will come out as a large glob but that is completely okay - it is really thick and sets your polish. It dries really quickly! 

You can buy it here (it only costs $7.09!)

You can also save money like I did and order this 2 pack from Amazon for only $7.45 .. they are small bottles but last a really long time

Seriously.. try it out! It will save you so much time, nail polish and energy and you'll look like you just left the nail salon! This could make such a fab stocking stuffer too... your friends and family will thank you!!!

Let me know if you've tried this stuff before and what you think!!
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