Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Show: 90 Day Fiance

This weekend I stumbled upon a new show and ended up binge watching it on Sunday.. and now I'm hooked! This is actually the third season of the show and I just now found it on TLC.

The television show 90 Day Fiance shows a very intriguing look into the world of international dating and marriage. The show, set up similar to a documentary, follows six couples who plan on using a unique 90-day fiance visa (called the K-1 visa) to live in the USA with their significant other for the first time.

The catch with this visa is the US government has a rule that you have to get married within three months of when you enter the US - or else you need to leave the country and return home once the visa expires. Also, the person carrying the visa is not allowed to work during this time, so the American citizen has to support them both financially until they are married.

The couples must overcome language barriers, culture shock and skeptical friends and family- all within the three month time frame of when they set foot in the USA. The pressure starts to build as the couples are faced with  a life-altering decision.. get married or send their international fiance back home!

If that didn't interest you enough, read below about each of the six couples:

Josh, 22 (Rexburg, Idaho) and Aleksandra, 21 (Russia)

Josh and Aleksandra met in the Czech Republic while Josh was there on a Mormon mission trip and Alesandra was there for college. Josh was inspired to teach Aleksandra about his faith, and the two soon grew close. Aleksandra, a former go-go dancer, clubber and self-described party girl, converted to the Mormon faith and gave up all alcohol, parties etc. in order to be with Josh. Despite this, Josh's Mormon family still doesn't approve of Aleksandra's past and view her as an outsider. 

 Loren, 27 (New York, NY) and Alexei, 27 (Israel)

Lorena and Alexei met in Israel when she was on a Birthright trip, and Alexei served as the group's medic. Since then they carried on a 1-year long distance relationship before they got engaged and applied for his visa for him to live in the US.  The two have never spent more than 15 days together at a time, much less lived together. Since Alexei isn't allowed to work for three months, the couple is now moving into Loren's parents' three-bedroom condo so they can save money for their wedding. Loren fears that Alexei will either hate living with her parents, or will get homesick and want to return to Israel. 

Mark, 58 (Baltimore) and Nikki, 19 (Philippines)

Mark and Nikki met through an online dating site. Mark's four children from his previous marriage are all older than Nikki (Mark is 39 years older than Nikki) so it causes a lot of family tension. Mark's daughter who is 21 is also still living at home with Mark, so she now has to share a home with her future stepmom who is 2 years younger than her. Because of the huge age difference and the fact that Mark has not dated in 20 years & is very stuck in his ways, it makes them a very bizarre relationship to watch! 

Melanie, 33 (Orwigsburg, PA) and Devar, 28 (Jamaica)

Melanie and Devar met while Melanie was on vacation in Jamaica when he was a lifeguard at her beach resort. Devar is leaving his country for the first time to live with Melanie in the USA and her 11-year-old son in a very conservative town. Melanie's sisters are very skeptical of Devar's motives and think he came here for all the wrong reasons- to get a green card, send money to his family back home in Jamaica, etc. Melanie seems to be slowly catching onto all the secrets that Devar has been hiding!

Kyle, 28 (New Orleans) and Noon, 25 (Thailand)

Kyle and Noon met through social media when Kyle was looking for a local to show him around Thailand. Kyle is a bartender in the infamous New Orleans party scene, and Noon, from Thailand, is having major issues adjusting to the wild nightlife on Bourbon Street. She also doesn't approve of his flirtations with the women when he is bartending each night. She has to live with Kyle and his roommate in their almost unlivable New Orleans apartment, which is basically a roach infested frat house! It will be interesting to see if she can last in NOLA!

Fernando, 39 (Miami) and Carolina, 22 (Columbia)

Fernando and Carolina met at a nightclub in Columbia when Fernando was there on a work trip. This is another couple with a huge age difference (17 years!) Their K-1 visa is taking unusually long to go through and Carolina's family wonder if Fernando is scamming her. Fernando also expects her to become fluent in English and leave her Columbian traditions behind.


It is fascinating to see the people adjust to living in American society. You also wonder why these people (and many of these people seem very normal) want to marry someone they randomly met overseas!

You also wonder each person's motives of coming to the US and whether this is all just part of their plan to one day become an American citizen. So far there are about 6 out of 10 episodes left of the season so you can still quickly get caught up!  Have any of you seen this show yet? Let me know what you think!

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