Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Cupcakes

It's that time of year where Christmas gifts start showing up around town! Yesterday a court reporting firm gifted us these cupcakes and I thought they were absolutely adorable:

I've never seen cupcakes decorated that way before and I love their creativity:

Yep.. my coworker ate one before I snapped the photo above ha! I tried the red velvet cupcake with the white, green and red sprinkles and it was tasty!  

They were made by the bakery The Rolling Pin in Hendersonville, Tennessee. They also make cheesecakes, cookies, breads, cakes and pies. Their menu is below:

Give them a call if you're looking for tasty Christmas gifts! Here are some other cupcake creations I found on their page: 


So festive and cute! What are your favorite edible Christmas gifts you've received over the years?  I would love to hear!

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