Friday, December 4, 2015


Today I want to get a discussion started. I know sometimes people ask you what your weaknesses are in interviews, and it is probably best for you to not give your most truthful answer there. 

But you can here! 

I'll go first. Here are my weaknesses in no particular order:

1. Shopping. This is definitely my biggest weakness, and it always has been. It is a little unfortunate that I was introduced to online shopping (especially free shipping!). 

My shopping gets most out of hand when I'm about to leave for vacation (where I want to wear something new), or if I'm feeling unusually depressed (that new _______ I bought made me feel so much better about everything!). 

Guys have it easy.. their clothing/ accessories/ shoes never go out of style so shopping isn't as much of a temptation for them! But men have their own weakness that takes up way too much of their time which is sports! You wont catch me watching football for 8 hours of my Saturday :)

2. Food. Especially Mexican food, Chinese food, pizza, cheeseburgers, and don't forget cookies. Put any of those things in front of me and it's over. 

The hardest times are when I'm in the office and have to look at a giant gift platter of cookies/cupcakes/etc. all day. 

At first I'll resist. Then I will think about them all day at my desk. I'll walk by them 8 times when I go to the break room to get a drink. Then, always by work hour #7 of that day I will have at least one. 

If you want to give a gift to a business, please just send a fruit platter or bagels, or even flowers, and avoid sending sweets. Otherwise, people at that office may end up resenting you for your gift when they break their diet... slaving away in the office all day is hard enough, haha!

3. Animals. I absolutely cannot watch an animal be injured, killed, or suffering in any way on TV movies, or in real life. It absolutely pains me!  My boyfriend finds it odd that I can watch things like the ID Channel that feature stories about people getting murdered or attacked, but I cannot watch the same happen to any animal without running out of the room. And.. seeing homeless animals in person who are looking to be adopted? It truly tugs at my heart strings. If I could buy a farm and take care of hundreds of homeless animals, I would!

4. Falling asleep.. in movies. This is one of the reasons why I avoid seeing movies in the theater. Put me in a dark room watching a movie that I'm not 100% interested in, and I'll be fast asleep within 10 minutes. Same thing happens if I'm home on a sofa. No matter how much caffeine I drink, it will happen. Unless I'm looking for a nap I will stick to watching short TV shows or a movie that I've been dying to see  :)

Can any of you relate to these? What are your biggest weaknesses? Please share below! Also, happy Friday and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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