Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year's Eve at The Greenhouse

How was everyone's New Years Eve? Ours was too eventful to not write a post about! One of our very favorite bars, The Greenhouse, had a NYE party, which was called Solid Gold NYE. Each year, The Greenhouse has a color theme for their New Years party, so this year the theme was GOLD.. and let me tell you.. there were so many funny outfits! Gold jackets, leggings, leotards, hats, sunglasses... the possibilities were endless! Such a fun theme.

Let me give you a little background on this bar.. it is inside of an actual Greenhouse!

This means that you get to drink next to plants, fountains, and sit on patio furniture inside:

I believe it was first opened in the 90s, and although this is a very small bar, they throw ginormous parties because there is a big parking lot in the back which is large enough to have a big tent. 

They have been having the biggest St. Patrick's Day parties there since the 90s (which I've been to 7 years in a row!). They also have huge NYE parties, and they keep getting better each year. Some of my favorite memories have been at this bar!

Anyways, back to the NYE party. It was epic. They had live music and DJs all night and it was put on by the event company, JRC Live

They built an stage for the audience to dance on. 

The party had go-go dancers who wore gold outfits. They had a photo booth and had lots of GOLD party favors which included flash tats:

Adam and I made sure to get VIP tickets, so we could hang out in the lounge area next to the performance stage. VIP had its own private bar and bathrooms - make sure to get VIP tickets if you attend a Greenhouse event.. it is totally worth the extra money. You can avoid the crowd and leisurely enjoy the party!

Luckily this party was not too crowded, and everyone I saw was having a great time. No frowns on this New Year's! The band was so much fun and the DJs were so talented (many of them have played at Bonnaroo before). Nobody could stop dancing! Such a fun way to spend the last night of 2015 and first night of 2016!!

Here is a video of the event:


My only regret about the night was wearing heels to the party. My heels are high but very easy to walk in... but most of The Greenhouse is on gravel.. so walking from one end of the bar to the other in heels, around crowds and on wobbly gravel was an ordeal. However, heels were the only shoes that looked right with my dress, so it was worth it ;) 

Oh, and a funny thing about the party is that a bar in Murfreesboro had a copycat party the exact same night... this was clearly after they saw the Solid Gold event page on Facebook. They even copied the party's logo and everything:

Soooo funny. At least wait a year before you copy a party's logo, name and theme! So crazy. 

Have any of you been to an event at The Greenhouse before? I definitely want to spend NYE there every year now.. it was such a blast!!

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