Friday, January 15, 2016

Pantone Color of the Year

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Pantone has been choosing a Color of The Year since 1999. Twice a year the company hosts a secret meeting with reps from various nations' color choice groups. This 2-day meeting takes place in a European capital, and after many debates and presentations, the Color of The Year for fashion and interior design is chosen!

2016 is the first year ever to have TWO colors chosen as Color of the Year! The colors are Rose Quartz and Serentity. This color is supposed to be a blending between the two shades to invoke an easy, calm, and comforting mood

These colors (resembling baby pink and baby blue) somewhat symbolize the male and female genders as well, so this combination challenges traditional perceptions of color association. In many parts of the world, fashion is experiencing a gender blur, and the androgenous styles have impacted color trends in varying forms of design. 

Today's gender-less styling is not about making a man resemble a woman or visa versa. However, with the blending of Rose Quartz and Serenity, a canvas can be adapted to any style. You can read more about the meaning behind the color choice here.

I am not a fan of these two colors at all. I feel like both would be pretty harsh on almost any skin tone. Don't even get me started on what furniture or a room painted in these colors would look like. Serenity could be very pretty as a suit or dress, especially in the summer. But I think the Rose Quartz light pink, and the blending of the colors can make people look washed out. I also get way too much of a 60's vibe from these colors... but I did post some of my favorite ways to wear the colors above! Click on the links at the top of this post to shop!

What are your opinions on the Color(s) of The Year? Do any of you own anything in these colors already?

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