Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Bachelor... Ben's Season!

When I found out that Ben Higgins from Kaitlyn's season is this year's bachelor, I was a little worried. Ben seems nice but doesn't seem to have a lot of personality, so I thought he wouldn't be very entertaining to watch. He is also 27 years old, and most men these days aren't on mission to find a wife at that age. 

After watching 4 episodes though, I am happy because these women really carry the show. They are so entertaining to watch! We hardly see Ben say anything ever, other than explaining the date they are going on, etc....... but I don't even care because these women are hilarious! 

Here are who I think are the most notable women on the show so far....

Jubilee, 24. At first I was confused on why Ben chose Jubilee for his main date last week, but I quickly began to see why. Not only is she a war veteran, she was adopted from Haiti by an American family at an early age. She is the only surviving person left from her Haiti family! But what is most special about Jubilee is that she is different than the rest of the girls - she takes risks by saying sarcastic, crazy jokes. Also, while most of the women seem to talk about THEMSELVES during their dates with Ben, Jubilee wants to talk about Ben and the things she has noticed about Ben during their short times together. Watch their date below: 

Jubilee doesn't have a beauty pageant answer for everything like the other girls, and just wants to be herself. This is definitely not your typical date that you watch on The Bachelor, don't you think?


Olivia, 23. At first, I thought Olivia, a news caster from Texas, was going to be one of Ben's most compatible women! She seemed very put together and even got the first impression rose in the first episode! She has a great stage presence as you can see here in some of her news reels:

However, as the episodes go on I see that this lady appears to be a complete mess. I don't think she has a chance at all with Ben anymore. She is always making the other women angry and acts very unstable! She is always making weird faces and losing her mind:

Also, anytime she gets time to spend with Ben she makes a fool of herself by only talking about HERSELF and me, me me! It is very uncomfortable to watch:

She all around seems very unstable - having panic attacks, crying and throwing fits about how she doesn't like seeing Ben, her "future husband", on dates with other girls. Really? That's what you signed up for, Olivia!

Becca, 26. Becca was also on the most recent season of the Bachelor - Chris Soules's season. She was the runner up on that season - and I want her to win this time! She is very down to earth and has such a funny sense of humor.. I think she has a really good chance of winning!!! Please pick Becca, Ben!!

Lauren B., 25. I think that Lauren B., the flight attendant from California, also has a good chance of winning. When I watch her though, I feel like she tries a little too hard. The things she says to Ben come off to me as a little creepy and scripted:

From watching Ben's date with her, I think he really likes her so we will have to see what happens.

What do you guys think of Ben's season so far? Who do you guys want to win, and who are your favorite or least favorite girls?? Let me know your thoughts!!

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