Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Which Jacket?

It's gotten cold and I need a warm jacket. When you work downtown you have to do a lot of walking from the parking garage to where you work, and my peacoats and fleeces aren't cutting it anymore. Don't even get me started on how cold it is when you scrape ice off your car before work. I'm freeeeeeezing!

Please help me decide - which color jacket should I get?

black  /  navy  /  redgrey

The down sweater jacket by Patagonia (above) has gotten great reviews and it comes in 15 colors! I am someone who has trouble making decisions when there are a lot of choices, so please let me know which one you think I should pick! 

All of them are on sale or I can get them with a gift card, except for the red jacket. My favorite color is red, so I'm keeping that one as an option regardless of price ;)

Let me know what you think in the comment section! Also, where is your warmest jacket from?

Stay warm,

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