Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Catbird Seat: Review #2

Last week I returned to my favorite restaurant on earth.. The Catbird Seat!!! I surprised Adam for his birthday with reservations.. and I can't believe I was able to book it on his actual birthday (since the entire restaurant only seats 14 people, and it's only open for 1 meal, 5 days a week). 

To learn more about this restaurant, read my review from last year here! Guys.. even if you have been to The Catbird Seat several times, you MUST go NOW because they just got an incredible new chef, Ryan Poli! He has only been working there since January 20, so the menu was very new.. but to be honest, I loved this food even more than Trevor Moran's menu! I didn't think it was possible to top the last time I went, but our minds were completely blown by Ryan Poli's courses!

While Trevor Moran's menu was inspired by his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, Ryan Poli's menu is inspired by his travels and his life experiences! There are tons of Japanese and French ingredients in this menu.. which is right up my alley! 

Also, the drink pairings this time were all wine (no beer this time) and I LOVED every one of the 7 wines we were served with our meal! 

This menu had lots of fish and custard dishes which were absolutely divine, and even though it's been a week since we went, we still can't stop thinking about the foods because they were so unique, delicious and unusual. I LOVE Japanese food, french food, and fish so this menu was right up my alley.

The courses started off with an appetizer of fancy chips and cultured dairy (which we ate before I took a pic)! But here are are some pics of my favorite courses:

Sea urchin ostra caviar with squash tart (beautiful-- tasted like sushi!!!!!)

 Hama oyster mushroom broth & pine nuts

Duck egg custard, chwanmushi style with steelhead roe

Seaweed  Pasta dish (I don't know the name?)

Even though the pasta dish above looks gross, looks can be deceiving..... because it was my favorite dish of all of them!! It was seaweed pasta and it tasted like Thai food... I am still dreaming about this pasta and wish I could have it in large quantities!!!!!

 Risotto of sunflower seeds (AMAZING!) which included the sunflower root, leaf, and sprout.. and  omg.... it really tasted like risotto!!! I just about died from excitement.

 Mackerel with miso, citrus & garlic

Panna cotta of milk and lemony olive oil (I loved this - it tasted like a lemon tarte.. I'm obsessed)

Bear creek farms strip loin with umami crust. (SO GOOD!)

For dessert: Bitter chocolate & orange with roasted seaweed. 
This dish tasted even better than it looked!!!

There were also 2 little delectable cookies for the final course which we loved! We took them home with us to enjoy later since we were so full! 

This was Adam's first time to The Catbird Seat, and he absolutely adored the food and overall atmosphere. He is a pretty picky eater so that says a whole lot coming from him  :)

They sent us each home with a personalized menu so we could remember all the food and wine we had that night:

Don't forget to read my prior review for more information about The Catbird Seat's pricing, length of the dinner, etc. 

I already can't wait to go back. Thank you, Chef Ryan Poli for the best meal I've ever had! There was not one course or drink this time around that I didn't like. You all must add this restaurant to your bucket list because you will not be disappointed.

 Let me know if you have any questions or any comments about this fabulous restaurant!

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