Friday, February 26, 2016

En Route To.....

I'm in the Nashville airport about to fly to Charleston, South Carolina! I'm on the way to a best friend's bachelorette weekend since I won't be able to attend her wedding next month in St. John's, Virgin Islands.

I'm not excited about boarding 2 flights to get there :(  but I'm excited for a girls weekend in Charleston. I travel here about once a year since the majority of my college friends moved here after we graduated. 

I believe we are staying in a beach house on Kiawah Island tonight, and then staying at a historic house museum/ inn/ farm on Saturday night (which is called Middleton Place). 

More details to follow later! If you want you can follow along on Snapchat (my user name is @virg4412).

Hope y'all have a fab weekend! 

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