Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Grammys 2016 Recap

What did you guys think of the Grammy Awards last night? I thought they were a little boring, just like last year. I think maybe they should start making the awards shorter than three and a half hours because it just feels like they are just trying to fill up the time slot these days with random acts. Like the kid playing the piano? Or the very serious scene from the musical Hamilton?

However, I did like Stevie Wonder's act, Justin Bieber's performance, The Weeknd's performance, and the Alabama Shakes. I thought Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie was fun but I was expecting something a little more from her. 

Personally I'm starting to wish they would bring more exciting singing and dancing acts back into the Grammy's. Please bring Britney Spears on stage! Or if she can't make it, maybe Xtina? Or another N*Sync reunion! Maybe bring Usher out to do some Michael Jackson style dance moves? Something.. anything to be a little more exciting. I was really falling asleep during almost the entire awards show :( 

Here are some videos of what I thought were the highlights of the night:

 Justin Bieber with Skrillex:

Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie:

Alabama Shakes' performance:


I had to post Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt's duet.. I liked it, but did anyone else notice some weird chemistry between the two? A little uncomfortable:

I wish I could post a video of The Weeknd's performance but I can't find any on YouTube!

I am upset that Meghan Trainor won Best New Artist.... I think she should have won the "Worst Artist to Ever Hit the Radio" Award. She really is my least favorite singer of all time. Her songs "Dear Future Husband" and "All About That Bass" are some of the worst songs I've ever heard.

However, I am very happy that Taylor Swift won Best Album of the Year!!!! This was very well deserved!! She took a big risk leaving country music to write a pop album and it has been such a huge success!!

What did you guys think of The Grammys this year?

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