Friday, February 19, 2016

Please Sign this Petition: Deny Funding for Demolition of Nashville's Historic Landmarks


Guys, please read below and sign this petition, because you know what makes me angry? When historic landmarks and homes are torn down! Pieces of history are irreplaceable! I have been really mad about the current demolition of historic Nashville buildings for months now and found this petition on the Historic Nashville Facebook Page. I used to go to this building each week on my lunch break to eat at the fabulous Greek restaurant, Santorinis... read the petition below:

Petition for Mayor of Nashville, Megan Barry: 

Local developers and investors want to use public funds to demolish the historic Climax Saloon, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as part of a $70 million luxury hotel redevelopment project in downtown Nashville' Printer's Alley.  

 (The building now in Printer's Alley

Built in 1887, the 3-story Climax Saloon (also known as The Embers) is one of the last remaining 19th century urban brothels in the entire country. The threat of demolition is why Historic Nashville, Inc. included Printer's Alley on its 2014 Nashville Nine list of the city's most endangered historic places

(The Building then

Last month, the Metro Nashville Development and Housing Authority (MDHA) donated $1 million towards the redevelopment project, on top of the $5.5 million in previous TIF financing. With $6.5 million in public funding, the private redevelopment project is subsidized by nearly 10% with taxpayer monies. The developers intend to request a demolition permit on Friday February 19, 2016. 

Due to the public funding of this project, Historic Nashville, Inc. requests that the Metro Historical Commission and Metro Codes issue a 90-day delay on the demolition permit to allow time for the public, community leaders, and stakeholders to review the revised plans. Historic Nashville, Inc. requests an independent engineering study to confirm that the Climax Saloon cannot be saved and repurposed as part of the project, as originally planned and approved by government agencies (study funded by the developers but engineer selected by the Metro Historical Commission). In addition, Historic Nashville requests that MDHA deny public funds for use in the demolition of the Climax Saloon. 

This petition will be delivered to Mayor Megan Barry, MDHA Executive Director James Harbison, MDHA Director of Urban Development Joe Cain, Metro Councilman for District 19 Freddie O'Connell, Metro Historical Commission Executive Director Tim Walker, and Metro Codes Director Terry Cobb.

 (The current exposed interior of the historic building)

 (Ornament outside of the building)

(Historic stamped wallpaper in the building) 

(Hiding place where hostesses would hide if the brothel was raided) 

(Hostess hallway in the building's upstairs) 


If you agree that $6.5 million in public funds should not be used by the City of Nashville to demolish the historic Climax Saloon in legendary Printer's Alley, please sign this petition

You can read more here about this issue in the Tennessean

What do you guys think of this petition and all the issues around it? There are plenty of other places around town to build hotels... so I hope developers stop trying to tear down Printer's Alley!! Let me know if you sign the petition....

UPDATE: Mayor Barry has released her official statement on the issue:

 She says:
“I believe strongly in preserving the history of Nashville which has developed the wonderful character of our city. I share the concerns expressed by citizens throughout Nashville over recent news articles indicating that a project, which MDHA agreed to partially fund, would require the demolition of the historic Embers Building.

The hotel development agreement with MDHA was predicated on the preservation of two historic buildings, and any change to that agreement would require approval from the agency if the project is to receive public funding for the project.

Additionally, we have spoken with our Codes Department and the Metro Historical Commission and have confirmed that no demolition permits have been approved, and I’ve asked them to delay any such approval until a full investigation and hearing of the facts can be made and all possible solutions that would result in the preservation of this building are exhausted.” 

Well that is some great news.. let me know what y'all think about all this....

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