Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl - Congrats, PEYTON!

I'm guessing a lot of you watched the Super Bowl last night. What I found most exciting about the game that it was a record setter for Peyton Manning - and it may have been his final game before he retires. I grew up watching Peyton playing for UT's college football team as a kid so it is extra exciting for all of us Tennesseans to see his biggest and possibly final game.

This was Peyton's second Super Bowl win, and his 200th winning football game. This means that by winning this game, he beat Brett Favre's record of most games won by a quarterback. He also is now the oldest quarterback in history to win a Super Bowl (he is 39). Last night he broke the record previously held by John Elway, who was 38 when he won the Super Bowl. 

See his winning speech here:

As you can see, he didn't admit that this was his last game before officially retiring from the NFL. This is probably because he didn't want to steal the spotlight from his winning team mates. If he does retire though, he will be ending his career on the highest note possible!

He is considered by most to be the best quarterback in football history because he has thrown the most touchdown passes (539), and has been named to 14 pro bowls.  

Peyton was the #1 pick in the NFL draft in 1998 and has been a huge success ever since. In 2005, UT officially retired his jersey, #16. If he does retire, I have heard rumors that he may help coach UT's football team! I bet he won't ever stay away from football once he retires because he loves the sport so much.

On a side note, I also loved the half time show and I also loved the Super Bowl commercials! Does anyone else remember how depressing all the commercials were last year? They all had some kind of a tragic depressing theme, and were such a bummer. I'm glad the commercials were more upbeat this time, especially since it wasn't that exciting of a football game (I had expected the Panthers to win, or at least put up a big fight!)

Also, did anyone else see Cam Newton's temper tantrums during the game and afterwards?  

What a brat. His team made it to the Super Bowl, and he acts this way? And I actually had liked him. 

What are your thoughts on last night's game?

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