Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Vitatrim Injections: Fat Burning Shots that Work

I have been on a diet and exercise routine since June. I bought an elliptical machine and have tried to cut out all unhealthy foods (and alcohol) except for the weekends. I make sure to work out three times a week, but I had been looking for new ways to speed up weight loss and remove stubborn fat. 

I try to not take any medications ever, so diet pills were not something I wanted to use. After lots of research and trial and error, I finally found something that is not only made of natural ingredients, but it works!!!!!!

Vitatrim injections (also called "lipotrophic" "lipolean" or "lipo b12 injections") are a variation of b12 shots that are used for losing or maintaining weight:


They contain 5 amino acids and several vitamins that work together to help boost the metabolism to remove fat, fight stress and boost energy. They work to remove fat from your organs and veins, and this helps with speeding up fat loss if you are dieting or exercising. If you aren't dieting or exercising, they can help you maintain your weight. Read all the details about the injection above.

You can get these injections as often as once a week, and I noticed a difference after my first use. I have had 4 injections in one month and my clothes are literally falling off. My body is shrinking. No other thing I've tried has worked as quickly for fat burning as these! 

Luckily there is a minute clinic downtown next to our office, so I go get the injections on my lunch breaks - they only cost $20. What's a little awkward about the injections is that these shots don't go in your arm like a b12 shot.. they go in your rear end! Just a heads up that a nurse will inject you there!  All the nurses at 3rd and Church Healthcare have gotten to know me pretty well by now, haha. But it all is worth it!

The first two times I got the injection I felt very tired all day, probably because my body was trying to get used to it and was beginning to remove fat. I almost fell asleep at work after the 1st one. But after those times I don't feel tired at all, and I now have much more energy. Other things I've noticed in myself from the injections:

- My anxiety isn't nearly as bad anymore;
- My hangovers aren't as bad now;
- I sleep better;
- I am consistently in a better mood;
- My mind feels clearer and I am more productive at work;
- It is flu/ cold season and I haven't affected whatsoever. My immune system seems to be in full swing fending off everything!

So yes.. in my opinion these are worth the $20/ week. Nothing is better then seeing faster results from dieting and exercise. Note: I wasn't paid to write any of this- it is just advice that I wish I had been given a year ago!

Another side note is that normal b12 shots do not work like these. I do not see weight loss results from your average b12 shots, so don't expect the same results from those. Normal b12 shots also make me feel overly cracked out and jittery right after the injection- has anyone else had this happen from them?

By the way- 3rd and Church Healthcare is the best minute clinic ever- if you're in Nashville and need a nice clinic with zero wait, go there! Someday I will write a post based completely on this clinic that is my favorite clinic in Nashville. 

Have any of you tried Vitatrim injections before? Do any of you have any questions about them? 

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