Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Erin Andrews Trial Verdict

It's been a pretty crazy two weeks here in downtown Nashville while the Erin Andrews trial has been going on. For many days we had zero parking in our paid parking garage because of cars in town from the media, and the Davidson County Courthouse has been flooded with television cameras on several floors every day. 

Yesterday, the jury announced their decision that the hotel was at fault and awarded her with their decision of what dollar amount Ms. Andrews should be awarded from the Marriott Hotel.

And the amount they decided was......... $55 million. I know it was a horrible and traumatic experience for her, and I felt horrible for her but... $55 million dollars? Most wrongful death cases are awarded at most around $3 million. People who wrongfully lose their limbs or have traumatic brain injuries are usually awarded less money than wrongful death verdicts

I don't know how they came up with that insanely high amount. I personally didn't hear any evidence shown that her career was damaged by the incident. I had never known Erin Andrews' name until 2009 when someone was telling me about her hotel room video incident, so I could argue that the incident helped her career.

Despite the stalking incident, she has been very successful. She may be heckled sometimes at sporting events by college students, etc. about the video, but she is still a very famous, successful journalist and did not lose her career over what happened. The video was taken of her through her hotel door peephole, so the videos and photographs taken were grainy and horrible quality and I couldn't even tell it was her.

Also, I didn't hear much evidence that the hotel was completely responsible for what happened. The criminal did a lot of tricky sneaking around in order for him to find out her room number. They didn't just outright tell him her room number..... he asked them to call Erin Andrews for him and he saw her room number come up on the hotel hostess' computer screen. No hotel I've ever heard of has had a security person on every floor of a hotel patrolling each floor for criminals so, I'm not sure how much the hotel could have done to prevent what happened. 

Don't get me wrong.. I do believe she should have been awarded damages for emotional distress, etc. but I think that $55 million is WAY too much for someone who is still a successful, beautiful celebrity sports reporter, who before the trial verdict had a yearly salary of around $800,000, had a net worth of $3 - 4 million, and is still a television host. I know I didn't hear the 2 weeks of testimony, but from what I heard she should have been awarded between $1 million and $2 million....

What are your thoughts on the trial verdict... do you guys agree with the jury's decision of $55 million?

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