Friday, March 11, 2016

My Thoughts on The Bachelor (Ben's Season)

On Monday is The Bachelor Finale.. have any of you been watching? This has been a disappointing season from my perspective. Ben keeps sending all my favorite girls home, and now he has told BOTH women that he loves them, which is really MEAN! But we all know he is going to propose to SOMEBODY on Monday since he has been telling everyone he will in recent interviews.  

I really hope that Ben picks Jojo! I love her sassy southern personality and I think her whole drama with her ex boyfriend showing up this season showed a loveable and relatable side to her. I hope he doesn't pick Lauren.. yes she is good looking, but I haven't heard her say anything funny or clever the whole season. She does not have dimension to her.. so if Ben does pick Lauren I don't think it will last. She is a pretty flight attendant, and she is nice and drama free.. but that can get boring after a while for anyone!

ALSO: I have been hearing that Caila will be the next Bachelorette...

Please, no!! If this is true, this will be the worst Bachelorette season in the history of the show. She seems like a nice lady, but she belongs on Bachelor in Paradise or another season of The Bachelor. 

It just wouldn't be realistic for 25 men to be fighting over her when she isn't gorgeous, funny, rich or entertaining! There are sooooooooo many other girls who would make an amazing Bachelorette.. like Becca, Jubilee, Jojo or either of the twins Emily or Haley. Amanda, the mom with the two kids, would even make a better Bachelorette than Caila in my opinion.

Let me know who you want Ben to choose, and who you want the next Bachelorette to be!!

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