Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Poshmark Review #1

Last week I told you all that I started a Poshmark account and was selling items from my closet! I am writing about it already because it has gone way better than I expected! 

In one week I have already sold 4 items from my closet. Poshmark takes a percentage, but my total sales have been $138! That's a lot for one week, and honestly this has been really easy and hasn't taken much time or effort at all. 

Here are the items that I have sold so far:

You can find the rest of my items for sale here. I have been adding new items almost every day!

I recommend Poshmark to anyone! I have bought many items from there and have had such a great and easy experience. It also just takes a few minutes to post an item for sale on the app. Twice I have had someone buy an item within seconds of me posting it! 

Some people have questions about how shipping works on Poshmark. When you sell an item, Poshmark emails you a prepaid shipping label (which is paid for by the buyer). So all you have to do is print and tape the label to the envelope or box you're mailing it in voila! Drop it in your USPS mailbox and you're done! 

Once the buyer receives your item (to make sure there are no scams) the buyer verifies they received it on the site and then your money from the sale is available on the website. You can either have Poshmark mail you a check for the money, or you can use the money for future purchases on Poshmark

Here are some of my tips for selling on Poshmark:

- Make your item stand out. I use colored tissue paper to wrap the item, and include a little hand written thank you note to the buyer. This can raise the buyers' reviews of you, and could help them remember to come back to your closet later for future purchases.

- Market your items well. You are only allowed to post 4 photos of the item on the site, but I make sure to include a photo of the label, the size tag, the logo, and the bottom of the soles of shoes. If the item is worn or damaged in any way, I try to include a photo of the scratch or describe it in the item's information section. 

But....... I wanted to mention the one bad experience I have had so far on Poshmark. I have bought a few items from there (tops, a pair of jeans and shoes) but I have had one flop of a buying experience. 

I bought a pair of shoes on the site even though the seller didn't respond to my question about the item. Big mistake. Although she has sold many items on there before, the seller is M.I.A. and is not responding to me. The sale is "pending", so my $45 I spent buying the shoes is frozen. The seller isn't responding and has not shipped the item to me.... the girl probably just doesn't use the site anymore and didn't delete her profile. The good news is that Poshmark allows you to cancel your purchase if the item isn't mailed to you in 7 days, but the bad news is that I can't get my money back until Sunday.

So my recommendation to all of you is that if you're buying an item, make sure the seller responds to your messages and is a live person! Otherwise your money will be stuck pending for 7 days before you can cancel the sale and get it back. You can however cancel your purchase within 3 hours of the sale, but I didn't do that... that's why I now have to wait for 7 days. 

What do you guys think of Poshmark? Let me know your user name on there so we can follow each other! 

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