Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Bachelor: Finale

As you've probably already heard by now..... The Bachelor Ben Higgins picked Lauren Bushnell in The Bachelor season finale... you can read a funny recap of the episode here.

This was definitely the most suspenseful and dramatic finale of The Bachelor that I've ever seen.. This is because it was one of the most drama filled seasons in Bachelor/ Bachelorette history. Even though I cheated and read the spoiler website Reality Steve for the last few weeks, I still wasn't sure who he would pick (and side note: Reality Steve has been wrong before so you never really know what will happen).

This is how this season was different from past seasons:

- Ben Higgins told both Lauren and Jojo that he loves them. In all past seasons, it has been a strict rule that the Bachelor or Bachelorette is not allowed to tell any of the contestants he loves them, even if they want to say it back to someone. This is because it can ruin the surprise for the audience and they'll know who he/she will choose in the end of the show and therefore.. nobody will watch the season finale. 

- It is debatable whether Ben slipped up and broke the rules completely, or if the producers changed the rules this season and told Ben to just go with his feelings and say whatever he chooses to the women. 

- Either way, Ben was the definition of a "player" or "two timer" this season because he completely led on both girls. He kept telling both girls that he loved them over and over. He kept crying to the audience making it clear that he absolutely could not choose between them. It was definitely emotionally exhausting to watch!!

Anyways, I agree with most of American viewers when I say that he should have chosen Jojo. I mean just look at her dress during the night of the finale:

If I thought I was showing up to possibly get dumped in front of millions of viewers, I would want to be looking my very best too. Great look, Jojo!
I also think Jojo is very genuine and had a much more vivacious, fun and spunky personality than Lauren. But then again, Ben appears to have a boring personality and doesn't usually have much to say.. so he and Lauren can be a blah couple together. It is also odd that Ben kept saying Jojo was his "best friend" .. but he still picked Lauren instead (?!?!?)

His proposal was a snooze, and Lauren's reaction and comments afterwards made me cringe a little bit because they both sounded like airheads (Lauren kept saying "you're my personnnnnn" over and over ugh). It also gave me a headache because Ben had been telling us for weeks how much he also loved Jojo. Usually I am excited for the final couple, but I  really don't think Ben and Lauren will last long  :(

But.. there's good news!!! Jojo will be the next Bachelorette! 

Now she has a chance to find someone better than Ben Higgins!!!!!! Reality Steve was correct... first, Bachelor producers had chosen Caila to be the next Bachelorette.. they flew out to Ohio to do a Bachelorette photo shoot with her. Then on Thursday, they called Caila to say they were choosing Jojo instead. I feel bad for Caila, but Jojo will make much better tv. I am already looking forward to watching Ms. Jojo on The Bachelorette! 

What did you guys think of the finale???

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