Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Welcome to Nashville" Video

I saw a YouTube video this morning called "Welcome to Nashville":

It has gotten over 154,122 views on YouTube since it was posted on March 20. It is pretty cheesy and silly but it did a good job of showing a few of the sites and neighborhoods around my fabulous hometown of Nashville! It has some funny jokes and it shows that there's way too many fun things to do here  ;) 

The 2 men in the video are Nashville residents, Austin Bever and Colin Cooper. They are high school buddies from Cincinatti, Ohio. They opened their video production business That's Classic Media after graduating from college two years ago. 

Their goal is to tell stories differently through humor or inspirational topics. They also try to give a voice to large companies and small businesses. Check out their other videos here!  

They also filmed a fun promo for Moon Tax's new album, which was shot during the Live on the Green that we went to this fall (watch here)! 

Hopefully they will make a part 2 of the video about the nightlife, townies, tourists or food scene here! 

What did you guys think of the video?

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