Friday, April 29, 2016


I haven't gotten a chance to write about my birthday last weekend! It was on a Friday, so we all were able to celebrate without having to worry about work the next morning! It was such a memorable one and the first weekend of the year where I could go out in Nashville without a jacket :)

Luckily we had the Red Door patio to ourselves almost the whole night!

Crane, Jamie, Cameron

Each year for my birthday I go to J. Alexander's for dinner with my family... I really can't resist the food there. It's a chain, but the only one we ever go to is on White Bridge Road - which is the original of the whole restaurant chain!! I love the place so much that I even worked there back in the day:

Adam and I

My sister, mother and I

Thank you to everyone for coming out and celebrating with me! It made me feel so loved and it was so nice to see some of my oldest and dearest friends! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Big Short: Review

This weekend I finally saw The Big Short. I had very high hopes for this movie after seeing the star-studded cast and how many awards it was nominated for. 

This movie was based on the non-fiction 2010 book by the same name written by Michael Lewis. It is about the financial crisis of 2007-2008, which was triggered by the United States housing bubble. 

The movie won an Oscar for Best Writing and was nominated for several other awards, but I think it did not live up to its hype. Maybe it's one of those movies that is better seen on the big screen? 

I found the movie to be entertaining, but it really seemed disorganized and all over the place. It made me feel a little confused throughout the movie. I thought it would be a really funny comedy, but I don't remember many jokes being said in the film. It is worth seeing, but don't go into it thinking it will be the best movie ever. 

It also gives you very good insight into the market crash that took place back when I was in college. I graduated in the spring of 2008 and then went into the working world - when the job market was at an all-time low and gas prices were at an all time high!! It was a rude awakening. Thankfully those things have turned around since then.

Anyways, have any of you seen The Big Short? What did you think of the movie.. please let me know below!

Friday, April 22, 2016

It's My Birthday!!!

It's my birthday today!!! I am 31 years young today!

My birthday also happens to be on Earth Day... so do something earthy for the globe it you can :) 

While I was growing up it was really fun to have your birthday on Earth Day. My mother each year would bring in special Earthy snacks for my class... which consisted of Mint Chocolate green brownies, rainforest themed nuts, etc. It was also fun listening to the Earth Day lessons our teachers taught us about animals, recycling, rainforest conservation, pollution, etc...

Also...... the boarding school I went to in high school was very liberal so they would consider Earth Day a holiday to take off from school to do something for the environment... so that was really fun too! 

We would go plant some trees on campus or rake leaves, plant flowers, etc. and then go back to the dorms to watch movies or sunbathe outside!!! Very fun birthday for a high schooler ;)

Can't wait to celebrate my bday with friends tonight at the new Clyde's on Church! This bar looks pretty fun and unique, and it just opened last month so a post on it will be coming up soon! If you are in the area stop by and say hi!!

Anyways, Happy Earth Day everyone, and have a fabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

73 Questions with Taylor Swift

My love for Taylor Swift never ends.. it only grows! In my opinion this she really is the bomb. Not only is such a talented songwriter (she wrote my favorite album of hers, Speak Now, entirely on her own with NO co-writers), she has given millions of dollars to charity... and even though shes been under a media microscope and been chased by paparazzi since age 18, she has still kept it classy and has stayed a wonderful role model to girls of all ages ;)

Oh and lets not forget shes a fellow Nashvillian and went to Hendersonville High School... I am always hoping I will see spot her around here sometime! I'm still really angry at myself for missing seeing her in concert here.

Anyways, in case you missed it, here's a fun interview she did with Vogue. Thanks to my sister for sending this to me! T. Swift is such a good sport and it's fun to see her California home and learn new fun things about her:

It made me happy to hear her say that one of her hardest songs to perform is The Best Day. This song is from that album I told you about, Speak Now. It's about her parents and that song makes me really reeeeeally emotional too! The song speaks to me on so many levels! It's one of my very favorite songs of hers because it reminds me of my times as a kid with my Mom and Dad... its hard for me to listen to without getting teary eyed! Watch it here:

Really shows her songwriting skills! All you Swifty fans.. what do you think of her interview and what is your favorite Taylor Swift song?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hair Envy

This weekend I experienced a case of hair envy! Brody Jenner's girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, revealed a new hair style right before California's Coachella music festival. I've have not been a big fan of her after reading some things Brody has said about her, but I really like her new look:

This is what Kaitlynn's hair looked like before:

She said on her Instagram that it took her hair stylist 7 hours to bleach her hair to her new shade. 

I have been thinking about going much blonder for a long time now. I had very light colored hair as a child and I've been wanting to try going back to that color. It's a very big commitment though. It requires a whole lot of upkeep and it can really damage your hair. Keep in mind though that Kaitlynn is wearing extensions so that isn't all her real hair! She also has a blog which you can read here.

Blogger Cassie Kelley also went platinum recently and it looks great:

Anyways, what do y'all think of Kaitlynn's new hair color? Do you like her before or after look better?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vanderpump Rules vs. Southern Charm

Okay all you Bravo watchers... let's talk tv today. Vanderpump Rules has ended, but thankfully, Southern Charm's new season has just begun!

Vanderpump Rules gets many more viewers than Southern Charm, and often I wonder why Southern Charm doesn't do as well in the ratings. Is it because Vanderpump Rules has been around for a longer time? Are Americans more enthusiastic to watch a group of friends/coworkers from LA than from The South? 

Last week I was watching Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis was a guest that night. He asked her which television cast seems more dysfunctional of the two reality tv shows. Kathryn said she couldn't decide and frankly, I can't decide either! This is probably because the shows are more similar than you would think! 

Lets look into the details of each show to compare the two:

1. Both shows have the same amount of cast members.. about 8 main characters in each show, consisting of men and women. Both reality shows have the same age bracket for their cast- mostly men and women in their 30s, with one or two people in their 20s or 40s.

2. Both shows appear to have the same theme- the guys are mean, yucky and a little boring,  but still manage to date these beautiful women who are funny and smart. It appears the dating pools in LA and Charleston aren't that great, so the men think they can treat the women pretty badly. But the recurring theme is the cast trying to get along in the same circle of friends while working, partying, traveling, etc.

3. Both shows have wealthy female mentors who maintain on a parent-type role for the cast. In Vanderpump Rules, it is the boss and owner of Sur Restaurant, Lisa Vanderpump. On Southern Charm, it is Patricia Altschul, the wise and beautiful socialite, who is the shoulder to lean on and who dishes out the most clever advice. 

4. Jax Taylor and Shep Rose are very similar because they are the clowns of the show. Both men are promiscuous womanizers and are constantly making fun of themselves. Both men are in their very late 30s but have Peter Pan Syndrome and refuse to grow up or act like adults. They are always the ones who say the most inappropriate, grotesque things, to make the viewers either laugh or cringe.

5. James Kennedy and Craig Conover are also similar. Both men are much younger than the rest of the group. Both keep making mistakes and have issues fitting in with the older, more sophisticated adults. Their issues with drinking also have been main topics of interests on the shows.

The shows do have their differences, though:

Money. The Vanderpump Rules group all seem to be struggling actors, models and musicians. Although many seasons of the show have passed, none of the cast members have made it big enough to quit their day jobs. 

In contrast, the group from Southern Charm  all  come from privileged backgrounds so money isn't an issue for them. Their jobs are more like hobbies, and they appear to be sailing through life while hosting fancy dinner parties or trips to their wealthy parents' vacation homes.

Scandals. Although the cast on Southern Charm comes from privileged backgrounds and money isn't an issue for them, their scandals are well..... just more scandalous than on Vanderpump Rules!

Southern Charm's scandals involve both politics and unexpected pregnancies! Very Jerry Springer-esque. Vanderpump Rules did have one pregnancy scandal, but that was on the first season of the show (when Jax cheated on Stassi in Vegas) and I have yet to see a scandal quite as crazy on Vanderpump Rules, thankfully for them!

But really, neither casts have been strangers to breaking laws and stirring up trouble, as you can see for yourselves in these mugshots:

Jax Taylor, while filming the show, was arrested for shoplifting a pair of sunglasses in Hawaii in 2015. The Vanderpump Rules cast had to bail him out during filming.

Before Southern Charm existed, Kathryn Dennis was charged with underage drinking in 2012. 

Before Southern Charm, politician Thomas Ravenel had cocaine distribution charges in 2007 (mug shot above). These charges caused him to resign from office as the South Carolina State Treasurer.

Personally I find both reality shows way more entertaining than any of the Kardashian shows have ever been! Which show do you guys like more - Southern Charm or Vanderpump Rules.....or neither? Which show do you find more scandalous or entertaining? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Panera Has a Rewards Card!

By now you have probably figured out that Kroger, CVS and Walgreens have rewards cards... but did you know that Panera has one too? 

You present your rewards card every time you visit, and they will swipe your card during checkout to get an idea of what bakery-cafe items you prefer. They do their best to offer you rewards based on what your favorite items are. You also will get the following sent to your email:

- Complementary bakery-cafe items
- Exclusive previews and tastings
- Cooking and baking tips
- Invitations to special events
- Ideas for entertaining
- Recipe books, and more!

Sign up for the card here, or just ask them about it next time you stop in. This isn't a sponsored post.. I had never heard about their rewards card until I was looking around their website this month!

Panera is amazing and I became hooked  when I moved down the street from a Panera that has a DRIVE THROUGH! My favorite items from there are their paninis, soups and sandwiches. I'll be interested to see what free items I get from my card.. I already have a free pastry waiting for me next time I stop in!

Do you have a Panera rewards card yet? Let me know what your favorite thing to order at  Panera is below!! Are there any other rewards cards that I should know about from other restaurants??

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The People v. O.J. Simpson

Did any of you catch the finale of The People v. O.J. Simpson this week? I was amazed by the entire series. I understand a lot of people didn't watch the show because they didn't want to relive the tragedy of the case, but if you are a younger person like me who was too young to really understand what was going on at the time of the trial, I really suggest watching the entire series!

I was only 10 years old when the 10 month trial was going on. I still remember being in PE class at Ensworth when the verdict was announced. Some of us were happy, and others were sad.. I just remember lots of yelling and debate between all of us. We didn't understand what was going on and the seriousness of it all.. to us it was like a movie or tv show.. not real life!

Since then I had done a lot of research on my own on the fascinating and disappointing story. The monumental  case was brought up to me a lot in my classes in college - in my psychology class, several of my journalism classes and even in my paralegal classes after college. There were many reasons why this historic case kept being brought up in school, such as the influence of media and television cameras in the courtroom, psychological influence on a jury system, the influence of evidence on jurors, etc.

There were so many fascinating details in this tv show that I had no idea about from my previous understanding of the case. From what I have read, the show didn't fabricate much and really stuck to the facts of what really happened before and during the trial. 

The show made me cry, made me laugh and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout all 8 episodes. I found the show especially funny at times from my personal experiences working in the legal field. 

The dark humor really made me chuckle at times. I don't like John Travolta much but him and Nathan Lane were really my two favorite actors in the series. They were SO funny and played their parts so seriously and well. John Travolta's spray tan and facial expressions were hysterical!

I also loved Sarah Paulson's acting as Marcia Clark. I really felt for her character.. I can't believe how horribly the media treated Marcia when she was just doing her job and standing up for what was right!

I hope people watch the show and see how shaky our legal system can be. I hope that viewers see that jurors should look at evidence and facts, and make more of an effort to find justice for victims instead of going off of politics and conspiracy theories. It is very frightening to think that the two victims were completely forgotten about during the media circus and work of O.J.'s dream team of attorneys. 

I am now left wanting to learn more.. I'm ready to watch some documentaries and read as many books as I can about the trial and the stories behind it! As upset as I am about the outcome of the trial, it makes me happy to see that karma still got to O.J. after the trial in many ways, some of which were addressed on the tv show.

Anyways, what did you all think of the show? Let me know what you thought of the actors and story line!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Case of The Mondays....

This is totally how I am feeling this morning:

I'm SO tired! Not excited to be in the office this a.m...

I didn't sleep well and it was a very busy weekend. Hopefully I will find some energy and inspiration soon...   ;)

Hope you all are having a good start to the week! It is really starting to look like spring around here!

P.S. here is another funny meme I found recently... hilarious:

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