Wednesday, April 20, 2016

73 Questions with Taylor Swift

My love for Taylor Swift never ends.. it only grows! In my opinion this she really is the bomb. Not only is such a talented songwriter (she wrote my favorite album of hers, Speak Now, entirely on her own with NO co-writers), she has given millions of dollars to charity... and even though shes been under a media microscope and been chased by paparazzi since age 18, she has still kept it classy and has stayed a wonderful role model to girls of all ages ;)

Oh and lets not forget shes a fellow Nashvillian and went to Hendersonville High School... I am always hoping I will see spot her around here sometime! I'm still really angry at myself for missing seeing her in concert here.

Anyways, in case you missed it, here's a fun interview she did with Vogue. Thanks to my sister for sending this to me! T. Swift is such a good sport and it's fun to see her California home and learn new fun things about her:

It made me happy to hear her say that one of her hardest songs to perform is The Best Day. This song is from that album I told you about, Speak Now. It's about her parents and that song makes me really reeeeeally emotional too! The song speaks to me on so many levels! It's one of my very favorite songs of hers because it reminds me of my times as a kid with my Mom and Dad... its hard for me to listen to without getting teary eyed! Watch it here:

Really shows her songwriting skills! All you Swifty fans.. what do you think of her interview and what is your favorite Taylor Swift song?

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