Friday, April 22, 2016

It's My Birthday!!!

It's my birthday today!!! I am 31 years young today!

My birthday also happens to be on Earth Day... so do something earthy for the globe it you can :) 

While I was growing up it was really fun to have your birthday on Earth Day. My mother each year would bring in special Earthy snacks for my class... which consisted of Mint Chocolate green brownies, rainforest themed nuts, etc. It was also fun listening to the Earth Day lessons our teachers taught us about animals, recycling, rainforest conservation, pollution, etc...

Also...... the boarding school I went to in high school was very liberal so they would consider Earth Day a holiday to take off from school to do something for the environment... so that was really fun too! 

We would go plant some trees on campus or rake leaves, plant flowers, etc. and then go back to the dorms to watch movies or sunbathe outside!!! Very fun birthday for a high schooler ;)

Can't wait to celebrate my bday with friends tonight at the new Clyde's on Church! This bar looks pretty fun and unique, and it just opened last month so a post on it will be coming up soon! If you are in the area stop by and say hi!!

Anyways, Happy Earth Day everyone, and have a fabulous weekend!!!

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