Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vanderpump Rules vs. Southern Charm

Okay all you Bravo watchers... let's talk tv today. Vanderpump Rules has ended, but thankfully, Southern Charm's new season has just begun!

Vanderpump Rules gets many more viewers than Southern Charm, and often I wonder why Southern Charm doesn't do as well in the ratings. Is it because Vanderpump Rules has been around for a longer time? Are Americans more enthusiastic to watch a group of friends/coworkers from LA than from The South? 

Last week I was watching Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis was a guest that night. He asked her which television cast seems more dysfunctional of the two reality tv shows. Kathryn said she couldn't decide and frankly, I can't decide either! This is probably because the shows are more similar than you would think! 

Lets look into the details of each show to compare the two:

1. Both shows have the same amount of cast members.. about 8 main characters in each show, consisting of men and women. Both reality shows have the same age bracket for their cast- mostly men and women in their 30s, with one or two people in their 20s or 40s.

2. Both shows appear to have the same theme- the guys are mean, yucky and a little boring,  but still manage to date these beautiful women who are funny and smart. It appears the dating pools in LA and Charleston aren't that great, so the men think they can treat the women pretty badly. But the recurring theme is the cast trying to get along in the same circle of friends while working, partying, traveling, etc.

3. Both shows have wealthy female mentors who maintain on a parent-type role for the cast. In Vanderpump Rules, it is the boss and owner of Sur Restaurant, Lisa Vanderpump. On Southern Charm, it is Patricia Altschul, the wise and beautiful socialite, who is the shoulder to lean on and who dishes out the most clever advice. 

4. Jax Taylor and Shep Rose are very similar because they are the clowns of the show. Both men are promiscuous womanizers and are constantly making fun of themselves. Both men are in their very late 30s but have Peter Pan Syndrome and refuse to grow up or act like adults. They are always the ones who say the most inappropriate, grotesque things, to make the viewers either laugh or cringe.

5. James Kennedy and Craig Conover are also similar. Both men are much younger than the rest of the group. Both keep making mistakes and have issues fitting in with the older, more sophisticated adults. Their issues with drinking also have been main topics of interests on the shows.

The shows do have their differences, though:

Money. The Vanderpump Rules group all seem to be struggling actors, models and musicians. Although many seasons of the show have passed, none of the cast members have made it big enough to quit their day jobs. 

In contrast, the group from Southern Charm  all  come from privileged backgrounds so money isn't an issue for them. Their jobs are more like hobbies, and they appear to be sailing through life while hosting fancy dinner parties or trips to their wealthy parents' vacation homes.

Scandals. Although the cast on Southern Charm comes from privileged backgrounds and money isn't an issue for them, their scandals are well..... just more scandalous than on Vanderpump Rules!

Southern Charm's scandals involve both politics and unexpected pregnancies! Very Jerry Springer-esque. Vanderpump Rules did have one pregnancy scandal, but that was on the first season of the show (when Jax cheated on Stassi in Vegas) and I have yet to see a scandal quite as crazy on Vanderpump Rules, thankfully for them!

But really, neither casts have been strangers to breaking laws and stirring up trouble, as you can see for yourselves in these mugshots:

Jax Taylor, while filming the show, was arrested for shoplifting a pair of sunglasses in Hawaii in 2015. The Vanderpump Rules cast had to bail him out during filming.

Before Southern Charm existed, Kathryn Dennis was charged with underage drinking in 2012. 

Before Southern Charm, politician Thomas Ravenel had cocaine distribution charges in 2007 (mug shot above). These charges caused him to resign from office as the South Carolina State Treasurer.

Personally I find both reality shows way more entertaining than any of the Kardashian shows have ever been! Which show do you guys like more - Southern Charm or Vanderpump Rules.....or neither? Which show do you find more scandalous or entertaining? Let me know in the comments below!

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