Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why All The Hate for Kathryn?

As you know I am a huge follower of the show Southern Charm! One thing that bothered me about this season is how much the cast bullied and ganged up on Kathryn Dennis.

I find it funny that all my friends I speak with, and all the podcasts I listen to love Kathryn just as much as me! Yet all of the cast members refuse to have anything to do with her. The only people on her side this year are Craig and Shep. Craig seems to be a good judge of character, so I think if he sticks up for someone, they are probably a pretty good person.

Kathryn is reality tv gold. She is fun to watch and makes great TV because you never know what she'll do next. There are so many tv villains that you hate but love at the same time. However, they are usually fictional characters. In a weird way she reminds me of Marissa Cooper's mom Julie on the television show The O.C. Julie did so many despicable things on the show but somehow I still loved her! They both have red hair too which is funny:

Julie Cooper from the O.C.

Also, Kathryn's outfits on the show add to her charm. Her devious fur coats. Those Cruella Deville sunglasses. And that red cape she wore to the Founder's Ball! I would never have the guts to wear some of her outfits, but somehow she pulls them off well!

Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules brought up on her podcast that Whitney Sudler-Smith is an executive producer of the reality show. Is this why everyone is taking his side and shunning Kathryn? 

Or is it because she has meltdowns at public events... and has been a baby-mamma to two of Thomas's kids?  In real life, yes.. people do get socially excluded for this type of behavior. But she is 22 years old.. did you have it all together at age 22? Probably not. 

All of the cast members (excluding Craig) are at least 10 years older than her... were they perfect at her age? I find it strange that they judge Kathryn so harshly but always disregard anything that her ex, the 52-year-old-ex convict, Thomas Ravanel, does.

Did you guys see part 1 of the reunion? Let me know what y'all think of the show below...

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