Monday, July 11, 2016

Amazon Prime Day is Tomorrow!!!!

**News flash!!** Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow! It starts tomorrow morning at 3 a.m. EST. Last year, Amazon started Prime Day to celebrate the company's 20th birthday (how in the world is Amazon that old?!?!). They say that Prime Day has better deals than Black Friday, and some deals have already started here!

Amazon has been very secretive about what the sales and deals will be this year. Only members of Amazon Prime will be able to shop during Prime Day, but you can sign up for a free 30-day membership to take advantage of the big day!

There will be three types of deals on Prime Day: Spotlight Deals, Lightning Deals, and Savings & Deals. A lightning deal is only available for a few hours-- I got some stuff from the Lightning Deals last year and it was pretty crazy because stuff was selling out so quickly. New sales will be available during the day as frequently as every five minutes.

Also be on the lookout for competing sales. Last year, Walmart had a sale bigger than Black Friday to compete with Amazon-- read about that here.

I will probably be on the lookout for new kitchen supplies this year.. or maybe some new pillows? I'll let y'all know what I end up getting.

Are any of you members of Amazon Prime? Let me know what y'all end up buying during Prime Day!!

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