Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Eve of Janus

This weekend we went to the Eve of Janus! This is a debutante ball put on by the Tri Delta sorority alumni chapter in Nashville. Each summer, men and women who just finished their freshman year of college are presented to society in this fabulous event to raise money for the Vanderbilt Children's hospital.

I was in the Eve of Janus back in 2005 and it is so much fun! Back then, this event was held at Hillwood Country Club because there were only 60 girls and 60 guys being presented. This year, there were 175 girls (called signs of the times) and 170 men (called marshals) being presented so it was a much larger event. Also, back when I was presented all the women were required to wear pastel ball gowns- now all the women wear white ball gowns. It was fun to see all the different styles of white dresses that the girls chose to wear!

It was held at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Tri Delt alumni put on such an amazing event. I was really impressed and blown away by the flower arrangements, the lighting, and they even had a cute little dessert bar for the reception! I wish I had gotten a photo of the little milkshake shooters they had- really adorbs!

My sister and her friend Hannah

We had to get a photo in front of the Batman Building!!

I managed to get a few photos of the beautiful flower arrangements. I loved their color theme- the orangey red roses mixed in with lilies, pink and yellow flowers, etc:

The women being presented also carried beautiful lavender bouquets (shown below). The band was amazing and it was the same one that we had at the Junior League Masquerade Ball that I helped put together this year. After so much dancing we all had to remove our heels by the end of the night:

Great job to everyone who put this amazing event on! Such a fun, unforgettable night!

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