Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Thoughts on The Bachelorette... Jojo's Season

Even though I think Jojo may be one of my favorite bachelorettes ever, I am starting to lose interest in this season. Ever since crazy Chad got sent home I've been feeling a lot less entertained and a lot more.... weirded out. Here are some reasons why:

1. The male contestants are starting to show their true colors.. and seeming pretty lame. Guys..... what is up with the stupid songs about Jojo that they write together and sing when she's not around? It makes me cringe. And now they're writing rap songs about her? Please stop!

2. Why did the guys encourage Wells to kiss Jojo when he went on his one-on-one date? They were pretty much cheering him on and psyching him up! Aren't they supposed to be "in love" with this girl? Aren't they all supposed to be wanting to get engaged to Jojo in a few weeks? If you have feelings for someone you would never be excited about someone else kissing them! Yuck.

3. I was hoping she would pick Luke, but since he has been joining in on some of this weird behavior I'm not rooting for him as much anymore. He's still my favorite for her though:

4. From the looks of things I think it's really obvious that she's going to pick Jordan Rogers. She looks one million times more excited to talk to him than the other guys... and when he told her he loves her, she looked like she was about to faint! I like Jordan okay, but I think he seems ingenuine, kinda fake and too showbizzy.

I also didn't like how he reacted when she confronted him with the fact that his ex-girlfriend said he cheated during their relationship.  I hope the cameras start showing a more down-to-earth, likeable and relatable side to him.

Side note: What I really have liked about this season are the outfits that Jojo has worn! I think she and I have very similar taste in clothes because I've loved them all. Did anyone else love the brown suede pants she wore during her date with Alex?

They reminded me of something Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera would have worn back when I was in middle school or high school... feeling nostalgic over here!

Hopefully after the hometown dates, this season will get more exciting. I really like Jojo and hope she will be one of the bachelorettes who find true love.

What do you guys think of all that's been going on this season?

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