Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nick Viall is the Next Bachelor

Last night it was announced that Nick Viall is going to be the next Bachelor! If you had told me this a couple months ago I would have been really mad and maybe would have refused to watch the show. I watched him on both Andi and Kaitlynn's seasons of The Bachelorette, and on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. He has always been the runner up- almost picked, but ends up getting his heart broken.

I had thought he was absolutely annoying and cringe worthy on past seasons, and thought it was really weird that he kept coming back on these shows over and over! I also didn't see what these women saw in him! But watching him on this season of Bachelor in Paradise (which is still running two nights a week on ABC), he has really won me over! They have shown him in a very different light and I've decided he is looking to find love and he's not just on these shows for fame.

On this season he has been looking out for girls who are living in Paradise with him, giving them advice, and he has also been warning everyone about crazy Josh Murray! He has acted like a mentor/brother type figure to them and I think they all have been really happy he's there.

I also think Nick will make some entertaining TV. I mean .. each season he's been on has been very dramatic or funny/strange because of him. I am glad that ABC is going with a fan favorite and a Bachelorette alum, because I thought Ben's season was pretty boring this year. So.. congrats to Nick Viall! I will definitely be watching his upcoming season! I hope he finds love during his 5th time on the show!!

What do you think about Nick being the next Bachelor??

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