Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Prime Day Purchases

Did anyone find some great sales yesterday for Amazon Prime Day? The deals this year looked like a complete snooze when I checked yesterday morning, but I found some excellent items later in the day! 

As always with Amazon Prime Day, these purchases were completely random, but I saved a lot of money!! Here are my Prime Day purchases for this year:

iMarku 8 Inch Chef's Knife
Originally: $99.00; Flash Deal Price: $22.03

I always try to buy kitchen materials anytime there's a big sale in a store, because lets be honest... we never feel like paying full price for kitchen stuff unless it's a gift for someone else! 

Unless you cook a whole lot, you rarely realize you don't have these things until you need them! But nice knifes are definitely a great thing to have in your kitchen, and I've read that a chef's knife is the most used knife you'll ever have! So I was really happy to find this super sharp chef's knife marked down from $99.99 to only $22.03!!! 

It also has gotten fabulous reviews and comes in a really cute box for gifting (above)! I'm excited to use this knife once it comes in. Although Prime Day is over, you can still buy this knife marked down to $39.99 here

George Foreman Quesadilla Maker
Originally: $27.13; Flash Deal Price: $14.99

I've been wanting a quesadilla maker ever since I saw one at Target last year... I just didn't want to pay full price for one at the time. 

At our condo complex we aren't allowed to have outdoor grills so I have a massive George Forman grill that I use to grill sandwiches, meats, and yes, quesadillas. Once I saw this quesadilla maker made by George Forman on sale, I knew I had to have it! 

It makes 10-inch quesadillas and has 6 deep dish pockets for lots of fillings. Honestly, the reviews on this product were a little sketchy, but whatevs. I'll you know how well it works.

I wish I had more items to report back to y'all about, but I was less impressed with the deals this year. I usually find a lot of random stuff that I need, but not this year. 

I noticed the lists of sale items were pretty short and the savings were most of the time between $2.00 and $5.00. This year I was really hoping to find a great deal on a television, but no luck. 

But regardless, my total savings for Prime Day totalled $77.96! Pretty awesome for only 2 items! If you want to read about my really random past Prime Day purchases, click here

What did you guys get on Prime Day, and did you think the sales weren't as impressive as prior years? Let me know below....

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