Friday, July 7, 2017

Tara Conner

Does anyone remember the Miss USA scandal back in 2006? Back then, beauty queen and Miss USA winner Tara Conner was the center of a public scandal after she was caught drinking underage, using drugs and acting inappropriately at a New York nightclub.

Consequently, she was ordered by Donald Trump to enter rehab or she would lose her crown and Miss USA title. The media questioned Trump's decision to give her a second chance, but Trump explained that it was somewhat of a personal decision since his brother had died from alcoholism years before.

Tara agreed to complete treatment and completed a 30-day program for alcohol and drug addiction.

The question is.. how is she doing now? It turns out has been sober for 10 years - quite an accomplishment!! Looks like her rehab stay really changed her life for the better. Watch her motivational, challenging and humorous discussion below about her life. She also addresses that people take a different response to the addiction crisis:

It's nice to see something positive arise from a public scandal. You go girl!! What do y'all think about her speech?

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