About The Ritzy Glitzy

I'm Virginia and I'm a 31-year-old Nashville native, former journalist and Ole Miss Rebel living in my hometown!  I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee! In 2008, I graduated from Ole Miss with a bachelor's degree in Journalism. 

I work during the day and explore Nashville at night. Nashville has become such an "it city" and it is fun to see my hometown grow! 

I write on this blog to use some of my journalism skills and to take a break from all the chaos that life can bring! I call this blog a "lifestyle blog" because it covers all kinds of topics about life in general and my life living in Nashville. 

Nope, I'm not married, and don't have any kids so you wont see posts about those topics on here. I'm not big on photo shoots so I am very sorry for the lack of pictures of yours truly.. I have to track down someone to take a photo of me! I really want this blog to be more about my material than myself anyways :) 
The Ritzy Glitzy launched in July, 2014 and I update it several times a week- so please check back often!

                                                                             Things I Love:
                                                                                live music
                                                                         reading and writing
                                                        my 2 rescue cats (I wrote about them here!)
                                                                       everything about the South
                                                                reality shows (guilty pleasure!)
                                                                           all things artistic
                                                                 society & gossip magazines
                                                                             historic homes
                                                                               sports bars
                                                                online shopping (weakness!
                                                          Tennessee Titans / Ole Miss Rebels
                                                                      any and every beach
                                                                     finding a good bargain  
                                                                         Oxford, Mississippi

                                                                        ...Thanks for reading!

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